Baultar Concept Inc.


101, rue Principale Sud
Windsor, Québec Canada J1S 2M2

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Telefon: +1 8198457110
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BAULTAR is the specialist of composite flooring & floor covering for the public transport industry. Main product lines are :
  • ABRASTOP is an Epoxy + quartz floor covering. Its technology offers higher performances on mechanical, chemical, electrical, thermal, and flexural strength properties. It is the answer to typical problems : water-leakage, corrosions, fire & smoke requirements, vandalism, destruction, graffiti, cleanness, durability. Minimum maintenance is required throughout its 30 years+ lifetime.
  • ABRASTOP/FOAM LITE system combines the ABRASTOP Floor Covering and an integrated sub-floor to provide structural support for passenger load. It results in a flooring system that is durable, light weight and fully adapted to the Mass Transit market.
  • HHPL stands for High Power Photoluminescent Lighting. Photoluminescent path marking helps Visually Deficient Persons thanks to its highly contrasted aspect. It also glows in the dark for several hours, allowing passengers to securely find exits and evacuate the train in the event of power failure.

BAULTAR also manufactures high-quality conductor / driver seats for trains and buses.