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InnoTrans 2016

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In many activities, information about access to public transport is an element not only of the conditions of access to sites but also of the value-chain itself: real-estate, employment, services of daily life,…
Itransports and the mapping applications from Moviken are applicable to a whole range of professional needs: the accessibility of sales outlets by public transport, plans for company relocation, geo-marketing, access to employment by public transport.
Moviken offers its services to professionals by means of web services, personalised applications, isochronal maps, mobile sites, geo-marketing tools.

Journey Planner
In the sustainable development era, informing the public about how to access public transport is a commercial issue :
  • access to developments or agencies for service providers,
  • access to offices or facilities for professionals and institutions.
iTransports Pro provides:
  • route calculation for public transport, using metro, trams, trains, buses and coaches,
  • the display of itinerary and maps for public transport serving the sites,
  • the display of the catchment area for a development, using public transport , showing travel times of less than 15mn, 15mn to 30mn, 30mn, 45mn, …
A forecast of the catchment area for public transport users is an important element of any study of location, site selection, or geomarketing.
iTransports Pro calculates and draws a map of the areas within 15mn, 15mn to 30mn, 30mn to 45mn.

Business Travel Plans
The Business Travel Plan is a package of measures to optimise business-related travel by promoting the use of sustainable methods of transport as an alternative to the private car.
The French state, through its agency ADEME, subsidizes efforts to encourage the use of public transport, up to 50% of their cost.
iTransports Pro provides methods of access to the company by public transport for every employee.

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