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    2- und 4achs. Schiebewandwagen

    Product of  WBN Waggonbau Niesky GmbH

    Die Fahrzeuge mit Aluminium-Schiebewänden, alternativ auch mit Schiebewänden mit Planen-Bespannung eignen sich insbesondere für den Transport von witterungsempfindlichen, großvolumigen und palettierte…... More
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    2-axle Sliding Wall Wagon

    2-axle Sliding Wall Wagon

    Product of  Greenbrier Europe Wagony Swidnica S.A.

    The covered multipurpose 2-axle wagon is designed for transportation of large volume goods as well as palletized goods.  The tarpaulin sliding walls protect against atmospheric conditions.  They are e…... More
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    2-way rail grinding vehicle AT 2200-12E

    Product of  Autech AG

    In order to position the rail grinding unit between the axles, the truck has been converted to a front-wheel drive. The rail grinding vehicle is equipped with a hydrostatically powered track driving s…... More
  • 4

    2-way rail grinding vehicle AT VM 8000-12E

    Product of  Autech AG

    The grinding unit consists of 12 grinding spindles for corrugation grinding and reprofiling of grooved and Vignole rails. Switches can also be ground with a special grinding module. The vehicle is dri…... More
  • 6

    2m-Band Train Antenna "OmPlecs TOP 230 AMR"

    Product of  Antonics - ICP GmbH

    As a special highlight ANTONICS-ICP ANTENNAS will present an extremely innovative multiband 2m-Band train antennas. The train antennas ANTONICS-ICP thank to their extremely flat design "Low Profile An…... More
  • 7

    3 B infrastruktur management systeme GmbH


    1040 Wien

    3B is an integrated problem solver in all fields of networked infrastructure. 3B offers planning, development and implementation of management and quality assurance systems for infrastructure and tran…... More
  • 8

    3-DIM PC-Basic

    Product of  GLM Lasermeßtechnik GmbH

    This program offers solutions for 3D measurements, evaluations and documentation all in one product. 3-DIM PC-Basic runs on standard laptops and is designed for 3D measurements in ralway industry (rai…... More
  • 9

    3-way Tipping Road/Rail Trailer

    Product of  Chieftain Trailers Ltd.

    The Chieftain Road Rail Trailer was designed to be towed either on road or rail track. The trailer is equipped with all commercial highway running equipment, rail guiding system, hydraulic rerailing e…... More
  • 10

    30 years continuous tamping

    Product of  Plasser & Theurer Export von Bahnbaumaschinen G.m.b.H.

    "30 years continuous tamping" is the slogan used by Plasser & Theurer to place emphasis on the economic successes of tamping with continuous working action for more than three decades. With its machin…... More
  • 11

    32 to 50W DC/DC converter 1 & 2 outputs low noise high MTBF

    Product of  POLYAMP AB

    PM50-series Polyamp PM50 series with 2 flexible outputs that covers 12V - 32V with one model and 60V & 120V with another. The output has very low ripple and power varies 32-50W. Very wide input volta…... More
  • 12

    350HT HSH®

    Product of  voestalpine Schienen GmbH

    The field of application of the 350HT HSH® rail includes all areas of mixed traffic and the light rail sector. This steel grade is well suited both for use with light axle loads and medium speeds (met…... More
  • 13
    36000 series olablock refrigeration

    36000 series olablock refrigeration

    Product of  OLAB SRL

    The solenoid valves of 36000 series are designed to be installed on refrigeration and air-conditioning systems using refrigerants of group II. Group II include all refrigerants classified as A1 in ann…... More
  • 14

    3A Composites GmbH


    78224 Singen (Hohentwiel)

    3A Composites, a division of Schweiter Technologies, has approximately 3’000 employees at various locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia. It is active in manufacturing and commercializing lightwei…... More
  • 15

    3D measurement of rail vehicles

    Product of  GLM Lasermeßtechnik GmbH

    From historic steam locomotives to modern high-tech trains, Sokkia instruments + 3-DIM PC-Basic ensures proper dimensioning. Today's rail systems have been in operation for decades: On the one han…... More
  • 16

    3D Moquette

    Product of  Fuchi Textile Co., Ltd.

    This 3D moquette gives conventional jacquarrd velvet a new dimension. Pile height difference and indenting areas, light and shade on the surface, all of these creates a beautiful effect whilst retaini…... More
  • 17

    3D scanners & automated inspection

    Product of  Creaform Deutschland GmbH - BU der AMETEK GmbH

    Creaform offers a wide range of scanning solutions also featuring TRUaccuracy technology and dynamic referencing. This gives Creaform scanner users the benefit of portable measurement equipment they c…... More
  • 18


    Product of  Euro-Shelter SA

    The development of this solution was guided by the willingness to provide our customers with structural and non-developable shaped sandwich panels at a competitive cost. With this innovation, the limi…... More
  • 19

    3D visualisation services

    Product of  SIMCON s.r.o.

    We offer the visualisation of your facility operation in dynamic interactive 3D virtual environment (built in Villon), including the animation of transport processes, detailed modelling of infrastruct…... More
  • 20

    3D-Laser-Vermessung von Betonbauteilen

    Product of  KehraTec GmbH

    3D Bauteilvermessung Speziell auf Ihre Applikation abgestimmte Hardwarekomponenten in Verbindung mit der im Hause KehraTec entwickelten 3D Visionsoftware ergänzen die klassische Bildverarbeitung …... More
  • 21

    3S Koblenz, Germany

    Product of  Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH

    The Koblenz gondola system was originally designed as a temporary transport solution for visitors to the Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) in 2011. But, built a year in advance, the system began opera…... More
  • 22

    3X Engineering


    98000 Monaco

    3X ENGINEERING, composite repair specialist, provides innovative solutions and patented products to satisfy its worldwide customers. Its expertise includes all industry sectors and particularly oil & …... More
  • 23


    Product of  France Elevateur

    Straßen-Betrieb (Anhänger Gewicht < 3500 kg) Beschreibung ausgeglichene Gewichtsverteilung auf den Achsen für ein angenehmes Fahr– und Bremsverhalten Knickzugstange 3.500 kg mit Auflaufbremse und Ha…... More
  • 24

    400 UHC® HSH® Heavy Haul

    Product of  voestalpine Schienen GmbH

    The high-strength 400 UHC® HSH® rail grade has been very successfully used for years in tracks with extreme loads all over the world (especially in heavy haul transport with axle loads over 30 tons) a…... More
  • 25
    400 UHC® HSH® Mixed Traffic

    400 UHC® HSH® Mixed Traffic

    Product of  voestalpine Schienen GmbH

    The hyper-eutectoid heat treated rail grade 400 UHC® HSH® has already perfectly proven its worth around the globe under extreme conditions. Its excellent suitability for heavy loaded mixed tracks has …... More
  • 26

    400.000mal Sicherheit


    In Industrie und Handwerk und sind Stolpern und Stürzen die häufigsten Unfallursachen. Laut Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft (BG Bau) starben in Deutschland allein im Jahr 2006 insgesamt 49 Besc…... More
  • 27

    45 ton heavy haul freight bearing from SKF

    Product of  AB SKF

    New class of freight bearing from SKF offers 45 tons operating axle load World first Global launch at InnoTrans 2014 SKF has launched a new class if CTBU (Compact Tapered Bearing Un…... More
  • 28


    Product of  Ster Spolka ZOO.

    Seat designed for city and suburban commutor vehicles ergonomic shape carbon or stainless steel frame fast and easy upholstery assembly / disassembly anti-vandal and FR options availible used in tr…... More
  • 29


    Product of  Card4B Systems, S.A.

    Network and schedules management Daily planning of vehicles and drivers Cost analysis Product configuration Booking and Trips management Dashboards & Notifications …... More
  • 30
    4RE Locomotive HD

    4RE Locomotive HD

    Product of  WatchGuard Video

    4RE Locomotive HD Video Recording System From the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile video recorders comes a revolutionary new locomotive video recording system that maintains video, audio, a…... More
  • 31

    4TICKETING - Ticketing Kernel SDK & Applications

    Product of  Card4B Systems, S.A.

    Multi-service interoperability embedded software framework Complementary Ticketing Application software (user interface) Covers all Automatic Ticketing and Fare Collection (ATFC) functio…... More
  • 32

    5M s.r.o.


    686 04 Kunovice
    Czech Republic

    5M is specialist in sandwich panels and composite profiles. Company 5M operates in the area of the development and manufacture of composite and sandwich materials, such as sandwich panel construc…... More
  • 33


    Product of  Autometers Alliance Ltd.

    Salient Features: Integrated SMPS technology Compact, light weight and rugged construction Requires minimum maintenance Options for Float and Boost mode charging. Very low voltage and current ripple…... More
  • 34

    6000 Amp Conductor Bar

    Product of  Conductix-Wampfler

    Conductix-Wampfler Welded Cap Rail is the preferred "Green" aluminum stainless power rail. Our patented welded cap design is: Securely welded in place around the body and can flex as the alum…... More
  • 35

    60E1 (R260, R350HT)

    Product of  EVRAZ

    60E1 (R260, R350HT). Heat treated railway rails. Intended for jointed track, ribbon track and switches. Standard 0 EN 13674-1:2011 Rail depth - 172 mm Weight of 1 m - 60.21 kg... More
  • 36

    700T High Speed Train

    Product of  Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

    Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Toshiba Corporation announced today that they have jointly received an order for four 12-car trainsets from Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSRC). The contract…... More
  • 37

    72 Inch Information stele

    Product of  BMG Gesellschaft für moderne Informationssysteme mbH

    Also new for stationary applications is the 72 inch totem TFT display for indoor and outdoor applications. This system is also equipped with the best quality displays from LG Electronics which are opt…... More
  • 38


    Product of  Ster Spolka ZOO.

    The simple construction of the seat facilitates service: one-piece shell grab handle can be dismandled Low weight: shell and inserts made of plastic the seat is designed in coordination with…... More
  • 39

    90mm LED Headlight Solutions

    Product of  BMAC Ltd

    90mm LED Headlight Solutions for LRV, People Movers  and Tram applications.... More
  • 40

    КП 010-3 semi-automatic welder

    Product of  PJSC KZESO

    PJSC "KZESO" continues to develop the line of semi-automatic welders of КП 010 type which gained good reputation in the sphere of machine-building industry. New specialized КП 010-3 semi-automatic wel…... More
  • 41

    СДПС-МДЕ equipment

    Product of  Stalenergo Ltd.

    СДПС-МДЕ equipment is designed to provide two-way speakerphone (LSC) and / or loud-speaking notification (LSN) systems within objects, whose configuration and technology require no more than 16 lines …... More
  • 42

    A highly specialized school in Transport Industries

    Product of  ESTACA

    Founded in 1925, ESTACA is a member of the “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles”, a group of the most prestigious engineering schools in France. ESTACA is highly specialized in the fields of aeronautics, au…... More
  • 43

    A Mechan Railcar Lifting Jack

    Product of  Mechan Limited

    Our flagship jacks are raising standards in the transport industry. Thanks to our patented Megalink controller, they enable the synchronised lifting of multiple rail cars by a single operator. Me…... More
  • 44

    A MiniMetro® at Miami International Airport

    Product of  Leitner AG - Pomagalski

    The LEITNER - POMA Group  won a contract to equip Miami Airport (USA) with a MiniMetro®. Speed, silence, comfort, availability and eco-friendliness were the basic requirements for this new installatio…... More
  • 45
    A rapid dismounting solution for a UIC semi-permanent drawbar

    A rapid dismounting solution for a UIC semi-permanent drawbar

    Product of  LAF, Les Appareils Ferroviaires

    With the aim of always looking for any enhancement, following a request from one of our customers to assist them with a solution for mounting and dismounting a UIC semi-permanent drawbar which could b…... More
  • 46
    No Picture


    Product of  Leitner AG - Pomagalski

    For the first time in 50 years, there will be a ropeway in the German capital Up to 3,000 visitors per hour and direction will be able to enjoy a bird's eye view of the premises of the 2017 I…... More
  • 47

    A Series™

    Product of  Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics GmbH

    Our A Series™ product lines, which include AT, ATP, ATM and AHD Series™, have key placement in all areas of Heavy Duty Equipment, Agriculture, Marine, Automotive, Military, Alternative Energy and othe…... More
  • 48

    A unique railways engineer training in Europe !

    Product of  ESTACA

    An exclusive Railway Engineer training! ESTACA is one of the only engineering schools in Europe offering a training specifically dedicated to guided transport. With more than 400 hours of trainin…... More
  • 49

    A.E. Petsche Co. Europe


    2300 Turnhout

  • 50

    A.S.T. Angewandte System Technik GmbH, Holding


    85283 Wolnzach

    Die A.S.T. Gruppe ist ein Verbund mittelständischer Unternehmen. Seit fast 30 Jahren entwickeln und fertigen wir Systeme, Baugruppen und Sensoren für unterschiedlichste Anwendungen. Im Vordergrund uns…... More
  • 51

    A.S.T. Zugvorheizanlagen

    Product of  A.S.T. Angewandte System Technik GmbH, Holding

    A.S.T. Zugvorheizanlagen sind Energiemanagementsysteme zum Vorheizen, Klimatisieren und frostsicherem Abstellen von Reisezugwagen und Triebfahrzeugen. Die Anlagen sparen im Vergleich zum manuelle…... More
  • 52

    A+S Consult GmbH FuE


    01277 Dresden

    KorFin – Your 3D software for planning and visualizing railway routes in real time For more than 10 years, the spatial approach to planning railway routes, roads and overhead powerlines has be im…... More
  • 53

    Ab Solving Oy


    68600 Jakobstad

    SOLVING is a global designer and manufacturer of handling systems, SOLVING Movers, for moving heavy loads such as railway cars, bogies and other components. Based on more than 30 years of experience S…... More
  • 54

    ABB Railway

    World <br />PremiereWorld

    1217 Geneve

    ABB makes rail more competitive and sustainable through a commitment to safe, comfortable and reliable passenger transit. By providing leading-edge technologies, turnkey systems and superior services …... More
  • 55

    ABC - Anglo Belgian Corporation


    9000 Gent

    Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) is one of Europe’s leading medium speed (500-1000 RPM) diesel engine manufacturers in the 1.000-5.000 HP segment. Originally established in 1912 by a group of industria…... More
  • 56

    ABC Mokka


    2640 Hedehusene

    ABC Mokka is one of the market's largest and leading providers of coffee, hot drinks, soft drinks, snacks, food, non-food vendingmachines and payment solutions in Denmark. ABC Mokka was acqui…... More
  • 57

    Abgasschalldämpfer 1

    Product of  Gedack Rohrsysteme GmbH

    Hochleistungsschalldämpfer aus Edelstahl, ausgelegt nach den spezifischen Motorkennwerten und zugeschnitten für den speziellen Einbauraum. Bedämpfung gezielt für ausgewählte Terzbereiche unter Beachtu…... More
  • 58



    01310-925 São Paulo

    Mission: Represent the interests of our associates and to promote its technical and political development, acting as voice and mediator of the foundry sector. Politics: Strengthen: to develop tec…... More
  • 59

    Above Floor Wheel Lathes TUU1250

    Product of  KOLTECH Sp.z.o.o.

    The above floor wheel lathe type TUU1250 with a friction drive is designed for turning of wheel profiles of rail vehicle wheelsets both the new and the used one. The loading and unloading of wheelsets…... More
  • 60


    Product of  Baultar Concept Inc.

    The full life cycle expectations of ABRASTOP Floor Covering, combined with its ease of maintenance make this an economical solution for the Mass Transit market. In service since 1985 Meets Mass Tra…... More
  • 61

    Abrastop/Foam Lite

    Product of  Baultar Concept Inc.

    ABRASTOP / FOAM LITE system combines the ABRASTOP Floor Covering and an integrated sub-floor to provide structural support for passenger load. It results in a flooring system that is durable, light we…... More
  • 62

    Absolute Security

    Product of  Green Hills Software GmbH

    Achieve Absolute Security! The INTEGRITY operating system foils hackers and viruses INTEGRITY is the only commercial operating system that was designed for the realities of the 21st century.…... More
  • 63

    Abtus Ltd


    Haverhill CB9 7XU
    United Kingdom

    Abtus Limited Based in the UK, Abtus Limited have been designing and manufacturing electro/mechanical engineering solutions for the International Rail and Defence Markets since 1908. Drawing…... More
  • 64

    Abwasser Concept-HL für grabenlose Bauweise

    Product of  Karl Schöngen KG Kunststoff-Rohrsysteme

    Vortriebsrohre für Abwasser mit muffenloser, glatter Steckverbindung MV Empfohlener Einsatz: Bohrpressverfahren Berstlining Kaliberbersten Einzelrohrlining ohne Ringraum (TIP-Verfahr…... More
  • 65

    AC Circuit-breakers

    Product of  Sécheron SA

    Description MACS is a multi-functional switch that can be configured with different functions based on the application requirements. The AC circuit-breaker (AC VCB) remains the core of the product, …... More
  • 66
    AC Electrostatic Precipitators

    AC Electrostatic Precipitators

    Product of  Fuji Electric Co. Ltd.

    Precipitator fans draw road tunnel air polluted with dust and soot through an air suction port in the side wall of a by-pass tunnel constructed off a road tunnel into electrostatic precipitators, whic…... More
  • 67

    AC passenger locomotives

    Product of  Motive Power

    AC traction systems Head end power (HEP) systems Manufacturing & service... More
  • 68

    AC Protection

    Product of  Raycap GmbH

    Protecting your operation doesn’t have to be hard. Between its Strikesorb, ACData and Rayvoss industrial surge protection product brands, Raycap has the ideal solution to protect your operations …... More
  • 69

    AC switchgear air-insulated indoor installation 1S-27.5 series and 1S-2x25 series

    Product of  NIIEFA-ENERGO GmbH

    The AC switchgears, air-insulated, indoor installation 1S-27.5 series (SWG-27.5 kV) and 1S-2x25 series (SWG-2x25 kV) are designed to distribute of the electric energy alternating current 27.5 kV and 2…... More
  • 70

    AC-2 Audio Controller

    Product of  Picaso Systems GmbH

    20W bridge amplifier with short-circuit and overload protection GLS (noise-dependant volume adjustment) Audio gain control and tone control with ACSys Tools software Radio implication and passenger…... More
  • 71

    AC-single Stage Washing Machines

    Product of  Aqua Clean Oy

    Aqua Clean single stage cleaning machines are intended for the aqueous cleaning of medium and large components, when a single stage cleaning process is sufficient for thecleanliness requirements. The …... More
  • 72

    AC/DC Stromversorgungssystem PowerVision

    Product of  BLOCK Transformatoren- Elektronik GmbH

    PowerVision, die technisch und ökonomisch führende Produktlinie im Bereich Stromversorgungen PowerVision ist eine Systemphilosopie: Alle Module sind schlank, kommunikativ und bieten maximale leistungs…... More
  • 73


    Product of  CAF Power & Automation

    CAF Power designs and manufactures electric traction converters for Railway Industry. Our different working areas are: Electric DC Traction Converters: 750V 1500V, DOUBLE 1500V …... More
  • 74



    31681 Labege Cedex

    Acapela Group, the leading voice expert with 30 years of experience behind it, invents Text to Speech (TTS) solutions to give your content a voice in over languages. We create authentic TTS voices tha…... More
  • 75

    Acapela Group Software Development toolkits

    Product of  ACAPELA GROUP

    Acapela SDKs have been designed for developers to make text-to-speech integration very easy. All our System Development Kits enable them with Acapela’s pleasant voices. The feature set and API are spe…... More
  • 76

    ACC Ingenierie et Maintenance


    63017 Clermont-Ferrand

    ACC INGENIERIE & MAINTENANCE is specialized in heavy maintenance, retrofit and conversion of tractive and towed railway equipment for decades. ACC offers customers its experience, skills range an…... More
  • 77

    Accelerometer for Bogies Monitoring

    Product of  Meggitt Sensorex

    Meggitt (Sensorex) offers range of rugged MEMS capacitive accelerometers for bogies monitoring system like rolling vibration measurement and bogies instability. Meggitt (Sensorex) MEMS acceleromete…... More
  • 78

    Accelerometers and Inclinometers for Rolling Stock Train Testing

    Product of  Jewell Instruments

    The LCF and LCI Series provide high accuracy tilt input for laser surveying recorders establishing catenary, super-elevation and cross-rail position. The LSOC, LSMP, and LCF Series provide pitch and r…... More
  • 79

    Accelerometers for Train Control

    Product of  Jewell Instruments

    The LCA accelerometers accurately determine train position with mathematical double integration. The LSBC, LCA, LCI and LCF Series are used in rapid transit, metro, and high-speed train systems throug…... More
  • 80

    Acceptance management

    Product of  PROSE

    For rapid acceptance that reaches objectives, manufacturers and railways need the competent support of specialists who deal with acceptance questions every day. There is a need for deep knowledge of t…... More
  • 81

    Acceptance tests

    Product of  PROSE

    The acceptance of railway vehicles requires extensive mechanical and electrical tests in order to verify safety, passenger comfort, electromagnetic compatibility and compliance with noise limits; such…... More
  • 82


    Product of  Faiveley Transport SA

    Access Doors Platform Doors and Gates - Automatic Platform Gates... More
  • 83

    Access chamber cover S28R160

    Product of  Recycling Product Cover SA

    Access chamber cover fitting on a round 16cm diameter pipe and a square 28cm sided prefabricated concrete chamber.... More
  • 84

    Access chamber cover S40R250

    Product of  Recycling Product Cover SA

    Access chamber cover fitting on a round 25cm diameter pipe and a square 40cm sided prefabricated concrete chamber.... More
  • 85

    Access Control Systems

    Product of  Manusa Door Systems S.L.U

    Manusa´s pedestrian access control devices can be adapted to any type of environment and necessities. We not only offer the most adequate functionality for any project but, we are also able to persona…... More
  • 86


    Product of  MASATS, S.A.

    a new accessibility product for trains: the Step ramp: one single modular design, allowing 3 different configurations: Step, Ramp or Step&Ramp together. This last version with double functionality wil…... More
  • 87

    access systems

    Product of  CHV GmbH

    Safe entry and exit of rail vehicles is an absolute prerequisite for orderly passenger operations. For the different vehicle types (raised-floor or low-floor vehicles) and requirements regarding inf…... More
  • 88

    ACCESS-GROUP s.r.o.


    373 61 Hrdejovice
    Czech Republic

    1. Company Exclusive leather products are the core competency of ACCESS-GROUP, a company initiated in 1990 by Austrians in South Bohemia. With more than 300 developments in the field of leather…... More
  • 89


    Product of  Prae Trade S.L.

    LIFTS & RAMPS PRAE Transport Design improves the accessibility for people with reduced mobility. We design and manufacture electric and electro-hydraulic wheelchair lifts, on board ramps and ra…... More
  • 90

    Accessories for electrical measuring instruments.

    Product of  Fase S.a.s. di Eugenio di Gennaro & C.

    - DC shunts - DC voltage resistance dividers - AC current transformers, low and medium voltage - AC voltage transformers, low and medium voltage - Measuring transducers and converters, electrical …... More
  • 91

    AccIS 10 ± 60°

    Product of  Micro-Sensor GmbH

    Measurement of inclination in different ranges of value Compact design, easy to assemble Laser carved aluminium label, readable even after years Features: Inclination …... More
  • 92

    Accu-hydraulic tools

    Product of  WEITKOWITZ Kabelschuhe und Werkzeuge GmbH

    Our electro-hydraulic crimping tools enable to crimp cable lugs and connectors up to 400 mm² efficiantly and easily even at heavily approachable places. The high flexibility is based on the revolvable…... More
  • 94

    Acieries de Ploermel Industrie


    56804 Ploermel

  • 95

    ACKSYS Communications & Systems


    78450 Villepreux

    French manufacturer with a strong know-how, ACKSYS Communications & Systems provides a comprehensive range of rugged WiFi communication solutions dedicated to the railway industry: access points, Mesh…... More
  • 96



    07130 Saint Peray

    In today's global community, things are constantly changing: people are on the move, technology is advancing, and human patterns differ from day to day. But one thing that remains the same is the guar…... More
  • 97

    Acoustical Consultancy for Railway Vehicles

    Product of  Müller-BBM GmbH

    Internal and external noises as well as the speech intelligibility in the train are essential criteria for the design and construction of new rail vehicles. Müller-BBM brings know-how to every stage o…... More
  • 98


    Product of  LogoMotive GmbH

    Inside noise of a vehicle Prediction of noise, noise level, noise frequencies, air-borne and structure-borne noise, optimisation, ... Outside noise of a vehicle Prediction of noise, noise level, noi…... More
  • 99

    Acoustics and noise reduction

    Product of  PROSE

    For vehicle acceptance, manufacturers and railways need a competent partner who can bring them the required verifications in a form that notified bodies (NoBos) and acceptance authorities immediately …... More
  • 100


    Product of  AUTRONIC Steuer- und Regeltechnik GmbH

    Autronic present their brand new series ACR350 with an output power of 350 watts. This DC/DC converter for chassis mounting is shock and vibration resistant (EN61373) and has an extended temperature r…... More
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