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    2- und 4achs. Schiebewandwagen

    Product of  WBN Waggonbau Niesky GmbH

    Die Fahrzeuge mit Aluminium-Schiebewänden, alternativ auch mit Schiebewänden mit Planen-Bespannung eignen sich insbesondere für den Transport von witterungsempfindlichen, großvolumigen und palettierten Ladegütern.... More
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    2-axle Sliding Wall Wagon

    2-axle Sliding Wall Wagon

    Product of  Greenbrier Europe Wagony Swidnica S.A.

    The covered multipurpose 2-axle wagon is designed for transportation of large volume goods as well as palletized goods.  The tarpaulin sliding walls protect against atmospheric conditions.  They are equipped with a simple lever, enabling the operation of the sliding wall with one move. The lever is blocked in open and closed position eliminating accidental operation of the walls. The design of the…... More
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    2-way rail grinding vehicle AT 2200-12E

    Product of  Autech AG

    In order to position the rail grinding unit between the axles, the truck has been converted to a front-wheel drive. The rail grinding vehicle is equipped with a hydrostatically powered track driving system. The grinding unit consists of 12 grinding shafts for corrugation grinding and reprofiling of grooved and Vignole rails.... More
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    2-way rail grinding vehicle AT VM 8000-12E

    Product of  Autech AG

    The grinding unit consists of 12 grinding spindles for corrugation grinding and reprofiling of grooved and Vignole rails. Switches can also be ground with a special grinding module. The vehicle is driven along the rails by means of a hydraulic track driving system.... More
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    2m-Band Train Antenna "OmPlecs TOP 230 AMR"

    Product of  Antonics - ICP GmbH

    As a special highlight ANTONICS-ICP ANTENNAS will present an extremely innovative multiband 2m-Band train antennas. The train antennas ANTONICS-ICP thank to their extremely flat design "Low Profile Antenna" (very low height of 40mm / 60mm / 80mm and 140mm) allow the mutual use of different communication systems such as 2m-Band, 70cm-Band/trunked radio/TETRA, GSM-R, GSM 1800, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi 2.4, …... More
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    3 B infrastruktur management systeme GmbH


    1040 Wien

    3B is an integrated problem solver in all fields of networked infrastructure. 3B offers planning, development and implementation of management and quality assurance systems for infrastructure and transportation operation. The focus is on rail transportation. 3Binfra has integrated expert systems into a single interdisciplinary application. The basis of the system is strictly modular. All function…... More
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    3-DIM PC-Basic

    Product of  GLM Lasermeßtechnik GmbH

    This program offers solutions for 3D measurements, evaluations and documentation all in one product. 3-DIM PC-Basic runs on standard laptops and is designed for 3D measurements in ralway industry (railcoaches, underframes, motor vehicles, bogies...). Various dimensions apply and are of importance when geometrically scanning or controlling objects with different dimensions. The software consis…... More
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    3-way Tipping Road/Rail Trailer

    Product of  Chieftain Trailers Ltd.

    The Chieftain Road Rail Trailer was designed to be towed either on road or rail track. The trailer is equipped with all commercial highway running equipment, rail guiding system, hydraulic rerailing equipment and general tools for rerailing operations.... More
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    30 years continuous tamping

    Product of  Plasser & Theurer Export von Bahnbaumaschinen G.m.b.H.

    "30 years continuous tamping" is the slogan used by Plasser & Theurer to place emphasis on the economic successes of tamping with continuous working action for more than three decades. With its machines, the Austrian company can make reference to excellent tamping performances - regarding working speed and quality - both for tracks and turnouts. The technology has been developed continually, …... More
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    32 to 50W DC/DC converter 1 & 2 outputs low noise high MTBF

    Product of  POLYAMP AB

    PM50-series Polyamp PM50 series with 2 flexible outputs that covers 12V - 32V with one model and 60V & 120V with another. The output has very low ripple and power varies 32-50W. Very wide input voltage ranges from 10V to 270Vd.c. and very high practical MTBF over 3 Million hours. CE marked as free standing unit. Intended to be mounted on wall, DIN rail or chassis mount. Operating temperature rang…... More
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    350HT HSH®

    Product of  voestalpine Schienen GmbH

    The field of application of the 350HT HSH® rail includes all areas of mixed traffic and the light rail sector. This steel grade is well suited both for use with light axle loads and medium speeds (metro, rapid transit systems), medium axle loads (mixed traffic) as well as for high-speed traffic. The superb track performance of the rail steel grade 350HT HSH® is proven through the Innotrack pr…... More
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    36000 series olablock refrigeration

    36000 series olablock refrigeration

    Product of  OLAB SRL

    The solenoid valves of 36000 series are designed to be installed on refrigeration and air-conditioning systems using refrigerants of group II. Group II include all refrigerants classified as A1 in annex E of EN 378 – 1 : 2008 standard.... More
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    3A Composites GmbH


    78224 Singen (Hohentwiel)

    3A Composites, a division of Schweiter Technologies, has approximately 3’000 employees at various locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia. It is active in manufacturing and commercializing lightweight products for architecture, display, transportation and industrial markets. Leading brands such as ALUCOBOND®, DIBOND®, ALUCORE®, HYLITE®, AIREX® and BALTEK® were invented by 3A Composites. 3A Comp…... More
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    3D measurement of rail vehicles

    Product of  GLM Lasermeßtechnik GmbH

    From historic steam locomotives to modern high-tech trains, Sokkia instruments + 3-DIM PC-Basic ensures proper dimensioning. Today's rail systems have been in operation for decades: On the one hand, steam locomotives are still in operation as tourist attractions, but on the other hand, new and modern high-speed trains meet expectations for rapid transport. All of these rail systems, however, s…... More
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    3D Moquette

    Product of  Fuchi Textile Co., Ltd.

    This 3D moquette gives conventional jacquarrd velvet a new dimension. Pile height difference and indenting areas, light and shade on the surface, all of these creates a beautiful effect whilst retaining durability of the fabric.... More
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    3D scanners & automated inspection

    Product of  Creaform Deutschland GmbH - BU der AMETEK GmbH

    Creaform offers a wide range of scanning solutions also featuring TRUaccuracy technology and dynamic referencing. This gives Creaform scanner users the benefit of portable measurement equipment they can simply bring to the part they need to measure. The white light scanner Go!SCAN 3D and the 3D scanners Handyscan 3D and MetraSCAN 3D are ideal for performing 3D inspection, quality control, reverse …... More
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    Product of  Euro-Shelter SA

    The development of this solution was guided by the willingness to provide our customers with structural and non-developable shaped sandwich panels at a competitive cost. With this innovation, the limits of conventional technologies, both shape and weight, are being pushed up and thereby open new opportunities for industrial designers. Concept: Sandwich panel made of an aluminum honeycomb co…... More
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    3D visualisation services

    Product of  SIMCON s.r.o.

    We offer the visualisation of your facility operation in dynamic interactive 3D virtual environment (built in Villon), including the animation of transport processes, detailed modelling of infrastructure, vehicles, terrain as well as buildings and trees. Simcon first builds dynamic interactive simulation model of the operation of your facility that includes requested transportation or storage pr…... More
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    3D-Laser-Vermessung von Betonbauteilen

    Product of  KehraTec GmbH

    3D Bauteilvermessung Speziell auf Ihre Applikation abgestimmte Hardwarekomponenten in Verbindung mit der im Hause KehraTec entwickelten 3D Visionsoftware ergänzen die klassische Bildverarbeitung mit folgenden Auswertemöglichkeiten: Bauteil-Geometrie-Vermessung Auf Basis Ihrer signifikanten Bauteilangaben können die relevanten Maße Ihres Bauteils dreidimensional vermessen werden. Zum …... More
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