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    3A Composites GmbH


    78224 Singen (Hohentwiel)

    3A Composites, ein Geschäftsbereich von Schweiter Technologies, beschäftigt weltweit ca. 3’000 Mitarbeiter an Standorten in Europa, Nord- und Südamerika sowie Asien. Die Gruppe produziert und vermarktet Verbundwerkstoffe für die Märkte Architektur, Display, Transport und Industrie. Führende Marken wie ALUCOBOND®, DIBOND®, ALUCORE®, HYLITE®, AIREX® und BALTEK® wurden von 3A Composites erfunden. 3…... Mehr
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    3D Moquette

    Produkt von  Fuchi Textile Co., Ltd.

    This 3D moquette gives conventional jacquarrd velvet a new dimension. Pile height difference and indenting areas, light and shade on the surface, all of these creates a beautiful effect whilst retaining durability of the fabric.... Mehr
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    Produkt von  Euro-Shelter SA

    The development of this solution was guided by the willingness to provide our customers with structural and non-developable shaped sandwich panels at a competitive cost. With this innovation, the limits of conventional technologies, both shape and weight, are being pushed up and thereby open new opportunities for industrial designers. Concept: Sandwich panel made of an aluminum honeycomb co…... Mehr
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    4RE Locomotive HD

    4RE Locomotive HD

    Produkt von  WatchGuard Video

    4RE Locomotive HD Video Recording System From the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile video recorders comes a revolutionary new locomotive video recording system that maintains video, audio, and data recording integrity throughout a catastrophic event.  We combined our advanced and ultra-reliable recording technology with a crash survivable hardware platform to ensure all data is collected…... Mehr
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    5M s.r.o.


    686 04 Kunovice
    Tschechische Republik

    5M is specialist in sandwich panels and composite profiles. Company 5M operates in the area of the development and manufacture of composite and sandwich materials, such as sandwich panel construction from aluminium or composites, epoxy adhesives for extra high quality joints (structural adhesives), pultruded composite profiles with great mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, long servi…... Mehr
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    ABC Mokka


    2640 Hedehusene

    ABC Mokka is one of the market's largest and leading providers of coffee, hot drinks, soft drinks, snacks, food, non-food vendingmachines and payment solutions in Denmark. ABC Mokka was acquired by Miko in 2013. Miko is a Belgian ,family owned and listet company, founded in 1801. In Denmark, we have 25 dedicated employees and a nationwide service network. We strive to supply and serv…... Mehr
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    Produkt von  Baultar Concept Inc.

    The full life cycle expectations of ABRASTOP Floor Covering, combined with its ease of maintenance make this an economical solution for the Mass Transit market. In service since 1985 Meets Mass Transit standards Very high wear resistance Easy to clean Easy to repair Water-resistant Nonporous surface Nonslip surface Sized per customer’s requirements Customized colours available Options …... Mehr
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    Abrastop/Foam Lite

    Produkt von  Baultar Concept Inc.

    ABRASTOP / FOAM LITE system combines the ABRASTOP Floor Covering and an integrated sub-floor to provide structural support for passenger load. It results in a flooring system that is durable, light weight and fully adapted to the Mass Transit market. Bonded to Car Structural supports Reduced installation time Meets Mass Transit standards Very high wear resistance Light weight system Good n…... Mehr
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    ACCESS-GROUP s.r.o.


    373 61 Hrdejovice
    Tschechische Republik

    1. Gesellschaft Exklusive Lederprodukte sind die Kompetenz von ACCESS-GROUP. Die Führung des Unternehmens kommt aus Österreich und hat sich nach der Wende im Jahre 1990 in Südböhmen niedergelassen. Mit mehr als 300 Entwicklungen im Lederbereich gehört sie zu den innovativsten der Branche.  Zu den Entwicklungen gehören hochwertige Hüllen für iPad, u.a. Tablet PCs, wofür ACCESS-GROUP  weltw…... Mehr
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    Accessories for electrical measuring instruments.

    Produkt von  Fase S.a.s. di Eugenio di Gennaro & C.

    - DC shunts - DC voltage resistance dividers - AC current transformers, low and medium voltage - AC voltage transformers, low and medium voltage - Measuring transducers and converters, electrical and physical quantities - Temperature and pressure sensor. For more informations see: Mehr
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