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    СДПС-МДЕ equipment

    Produkt von  Stalenergo Ltd.

    СДПС-МДЕ equipment is designed to provide two-way speakerphone (LSC) and / or loud-speaking notification (LSN) systems within objects, whose configuration and technology require no more than 16 lines of rubber-insulated wire and not more than 24 independently addressable LSN lines having total transmission capacity up to 4800W.   The main application area of the equipment is railroad and metro…... Mehr
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    ACKSYS Communications & Systems


    78450 Villepreux

    French manufacturer with a strong know-how, ACKSYS Communications & Systems provides a comprehensive range of rugged WiFi communication solutions dedicated to the railway industry: access points, Mesh points, WiFi routers, WiFi devices with multi-operator 3G/4G cellular router, clients and repeaters. Designed for ground and on-board use, these solutions enable the creation of highly-available…... Mehr
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    Antonics - ICP GmbH


    16727 Velten

    Die Marke ANTONICS des Unternehmens Antonics-ICP GmbH steht für hochinnovative und qualitativ hochwertige Antennenkonzepte, die sich im Bahn- und Fahrzeugbereich national wie international beständig etablieren sowohl in der Erstausrüstung als auch im Nachrüstgeschäft des ÖPNV. Das Produktportfolio zeichnet sich insbesondere durch Planarantennen mit der wesentlichen Orientierung in Richtung mo…... Mehr
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    Artesyn Embedded Technologies


    85579 Neubiberg /Munich

    Leveraging over 30 years of expertise in developing highly reliable and available embedded computer systems, Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a premier supplier of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) fault-tolerant computer systems to rail system integrators and rail application providers. With that long experience comes a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements for on-time, consistent …... Mehr
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    ASWS - Collective announcement unit

    Produkt von  Actia Sodielec SA

    DON’T CHOOSE BETWEEN SAVING LIVES & SAVING MONEY ASWS is a fully integrated Manual or Automatic Warning Unit. This most compact and light solution on the market provides sound and light warning. It is the perfect equipment for short term work in red Zone with existing alarm signal from interlocking system and junctions (AON 24 VDC) or for a mobile patrolling squad which can easily handle…... Mehr
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    BayRail® Signalkabel

    Produkt von  Bayerische Kabelwerke AG

    Eisenbahn-Signalkabel nach Lastenheften der DB AG, mit Schichtenmantel, Stahlbandbewehrung oder Induktionsschutz. Erhältliche Baureihen: A-2YOF(L)2YB2Y ...x1x0,9 (H115) A-2YOF(L)2YB2Y ...x1x1,4 / 1,8 (H95) A-2YOF(L)2YB2Y ...x1x1,4 / 1,8 (H145) AJ-2YOF(L)2YDB2Y ...x1x0,9 (H115) AJ-2YOF(L)2YDB2Y ...x1x1,4 / 1,8 (H95) AJ-2YOF(L)2YDB2Y ...x1x1,4 / 1,8 (H145) A-2Y(L)2YB2Y ..…... Mehr
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    Casram Rail S.p.A


    20070 Crimido

    Oriented towards the rail transport world The Casram Group lives alongside its Clients to develop solutions, systems, and products together, that can meet the most demanding requirements in the fi eld of technological innovation, simplification of assembly and maintenance, increased safety, reliability, and availability of rolling stock, without overlooking the economic factor and respect for…... Mehr
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    Casram Speed Indicator

    Produkt von  Casram Rail S.p.A

    The CSI has been designed to display, inside the driver’s cab of a train, the value of the speed on a monochromatic LCD graphic display. The SIL2 or the SIL0 version can be chosen in function of the integrity level required by the specific application for the function of displaying the speed to the driver. The displayed speed value can be acquired in one of the following ways: …... Mehr
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    China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Ltd.


    Beijing 100166

    China Railway Signal & Communication Corp. Ltd (CRSC) is a comprehensive enterprise with the biggest scale, strongest system integration capability and largest manufacture capacity in the area of railway signalling and communication system in China. CRSC’s business scope covers every stage of railway control system right from the conception of a new scheme, through design, development, implementat…... Mehr
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    Cisco Systems Inc.


    San Jose, CA 95134

    Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. This year, Cisco celebrates 25 years of technology innovation, operational excellence and corporate social responsibility. In the areas of trackside networks, stations and on-board communications for railways and mass transit authorities, Cisco is leading the transition to a network-ce…... Mehr
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