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    • 8. Transport IT - Transport management / Data processing/ Information / Communication
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    Accelerometer for Bogies Monitoring

    Product of  Meggitt Sensorex

    Meggitt (Sensorex) offers range of rugged MEMS capacitive accelerometers for bogies monitoring system like rolling vibration measurement and bogies instability. Meggitt (Sensorex) MEMS acceleromete…... More
  • 2

    Accelerometers for Train Control

    Product of  Jewell Instruments

    The LCA accelerometers accurately determine train position with mathematical double integration. The LSBC, LCA, LCI and LCF Series are used in rapid transit, metro, and high-speed train systems throug…... More
  • 3

    ACKSYS Communications & Systems


    78450 Villepreux

    French manufacturer with a strong know-how, ACKSYS Communications & Systems provides a comprehensive range of rugged WiFi communication solutions dedicated to the railway industry: access points, Mesh…... More
  • 4



    07130 Saint Peray

    In today's global community, things are constantly changing: people are on the move, technology is advancing, and human patterns differ from day to day. But one thing that remains the same is the guar…... More
  • 5

    Actia Automotive


    31432 Toulouse BP4

    ACTIA, as a pioneer in multiplexed architecture, a leading force in multimedia systems and a partner to major European innovation projects, the issues and stakes involved in passenger and goods transp…... More
  • 6


    Product of  TeleMatrik GmbH

    ActionMATRIK das smarte ITCS System, Steuerung und übersichtliche Überwachung, einfache Kommunikation SYSTEM Eine moderne Verkehrsregion muss heute in der Lage sein, die Fahrzeugflotte zu übe…... More
  • 7


    Product of  systransis AG

    AdmiRail® is an intelligent platform concept for Train Traffic Control systems and automation systems of the future. With AdmiRail®, track infrastructure and energy resources can be used at their opti…... More
  • 8



    31390 Carbonne

    ADN company, market leader in France, in the field of Telecom and IT, designs an enterprise class cable management software to control the physical layer of the network infrastructures. Our clients am…... More
  • 9



    92700 Colombes

    Advantech: Partnering for Smart City & IoT Solutions   Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in providing trusted innovative embedded and automation products and solutions. Advantech offers co…... More
  • 10

    AEG Belgium NV


    1070 Brussels

    AEG TranzCom is a value added integrator providing end-to-end solutions in the field of telecommunication and energy distribution systems. AEG TranzCom has over 20 years of experience in the fiel…... More
  • 11

    AeroVision Avionics Inc.


    HSINCHU City 300

    AeroVision Avionics Inc. (AAI) was incorporated in 1997 to pursue business in the area of avionics and vehicle infotainment solutions. Its core competitiveness consists of systems engineering and inte…... More
  • 12

    Agilion GmbH


    09113 Chemnitz

    Agilion GmbH offers real time location systems (RTLS). Founded in 2004 as a spin-off from an automotive supplier, we are a reliable partner for the choice of appropriate radio technologies, design of …... More
  • 13

    AIRadio Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG


    13507 Berlin

    AIR is a premier technology company, Motorola’s largest Distributor in the EMEA Region (2007-2011) and System Integrator providing Professional Communication Solutions and Mobility & IT Applications f…... More
  • 14

    Airbus Defence & Space


    88090 Immenstaad am Bodensee

    About Airbus DS Airbus Defence and Space, a division of the Airbus Group, and combining the business excellence and activities of Cassidian, Astrium and Airbus Military. The new division is Europ…... More
  • 15

    AIS Automation Dresden GmbH


    01237 Dresden

    Intelligent automation solutions for rail transport are needed to meet the goal of shifting the load to the rails. In particular, the demand for short transit times of freight trains in marshalling ya…... More
  • 16

    aJour RodoTAG®

    Product of  Eureka Navigation Solutions AG

    Rail Odometer Transponder – kurz RodoTAG® – RodoTAG® is a low-cost and easy-to-mount measuring system for recording the mileage of wagons. The RodoTAG … is mounted directly to the whe…... More
  • 17

    aJour Telematics Engine

    Product of  Eureka Navigation Solutions AG

    autonomous, on-board telematics unit By incorporating a long-life battery that allows autonomous operation of the rail telematics system, it is possible to track and localise traction vehicles ev…... More
  • 18



    92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

    Making each journey on-time, safe and connected require a converged and broadband communication network alongside the railways infrastructure. It is the path to reliable voice and data for train contr…... More
  • 19

    ALSTOM Transport

    Career <br />PointCareer

    World <br />PremiereWorld

    93482 Saint-Ouen CEDEX

    A promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom Transport develops and markets the most complete range of systems, equipment and services in the railway sector. Alstom Transport manages entire transpo…... More
  • 20

    Alta Rail Technology


    8340 4000 Colombo

    Alta Rail Technology is a leading provider of rail solutions with clients in the Americas, Africa and Australia. ART originated from the merger in 2013 of three innovative rail technology companies, A…... More
  • 21

    Amantys Ltd.


    Cambridge CB4 0WS
    United Kingdom

    Amantys is headquartered in Cambridge, UK where a multi-disciplined team of engineers develop innovative products and solutions for the intelligent control of power. Our product portfolio include…... More
  • 22

    Amantys Power Drives

    Product of  Amantys Ltd.

    Amantys Power Drives control the switching of IGBT Modules from all major manufacturers at operating voltages of 1200V, 1700V, 3300V 4500V and 6500V, and each includes Amantys Power Insight for remote…... More
  • 23

    Amantys Power Insight

    Product of  Amantys Ltd.

    Amantys Power Insight is a sub-system for monitoring and configuration of IGBT Modules, and comprises the complete hardware and software protocol to deliver switching characteristics and fault codes f…... More
  • 24
    Amantys Power Insight Adapter

    Amantys Power Insight Adapter

    Product of  Amantys Ltd.

    The Adapter provides the programming and development environment to design with Amantys Power Insight and begin monitoring and configuring IGBT Drivers in the power switch. The Adapter provides a gr…... More
  • 25

    AMSYS GmbH - Applicable Management SYStems


    81377 Munich

    Our consulting services to Applicable Management SYStems, are (nearly) all about avoiding unnecessary costs. This service is offered to customers from Railway and Transportation, Infrastructure, Aviat…... More
  • 26

    Analogue Shunting Radio

    Product of  Schnoor Industrieelektronik GmbH & Co. KG

    Analogue Shunting Radio We have developed an analogue radio system for shunting radio, which can be operated both individually and in an interconnection with synchronised control. Due to the…... More
  • 27

    Anchor Systems (Europe) Ltd


    Rowfant RH10 4NQ
    United Kingdom

    Anchor Systems (Europe) Ltd was formed in 1995 to supply Duckbill ground anchors, and provide a comprehensive advice, design specification and site testing service as part of its customer support prog…... More
  • 28

    Android VOD Solution

    Product of  AeroVision Avionics Inc.

    AAI provides various kinds of Android VOD solution, which can fit onto the VIP coach, standard coach, or the sleeper carriages. AAI provides passenger entertainment solution on train carriages th…... More
  • 29

    Ansaldo STS S.P.A


    16151 Genova

    Complete transportation solutions - Passengers and Freight industry All around the world, Ansaldo STS supports its clients to create and develop more reliable and sustainable networks that ease urba…... More
  • 30

    Antonics - ICP GmbH


    16727 Velten

    The brand ANTONICS is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative planar antenna technology, which is less spacious and more powerful, compared to traditional antennas. Our product portfolio i…... More
  • 31

    Aporta Digital ApS


    1207 Copenhagen

    Aporta digital provides a mobile on-board infotainment system for trains and buses. aporta digital’s “all in one” innovative concept puts together both an effective passenger information system (p.i.s…... More
  • 32

    Aprixon Information Services GmbH


    20537 Hamburg

    The APRIXON GmbH, Hamburg, develops and cares for EDP - systems with the special emphasis on railway logistics. As a modular system ECHO can be adapted to our customers’ demands. The high-performance …... More
  • 33

    ARBOR Technology Corp.


    New Taipei City 235

    ARBOR Technology Corp., was founded in 1993, is a leader and innovator in IPC solutions for Embedded Computing products and services. With more than 20 years of experience in providing customer-driven…... More
  • 34

    ArcGIS software

    Product of  Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc (Esri)

    Geographic Information System software.... More
  • 35

    Argos Level 1 On-track derailment detection

    Product of  Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH

    On-track derailment detection Damage control after derailment. Local facility for derailment detection -output to the signalling System after detection of a derailed vehicle Positioning Positioning d…... More
  • 36

    Argos Level 2 Automatic train monitoring

    Product of  Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH

    Automatic train monitoring Prevention - Taking the pressure off monitoring personnel (station master) through sensor technology Function: Identification of cost drivers and risk factors, like load S…... More
  • 37

    Argos® systems

    Product of  Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH

    Enhanced safety, more transparency, better protection –with Argos® Level 1/2/3 Today, cost efficient and safe rail operation is only possible with automated monitoring facilities, which enable contin…... More
  • 38

    Arkansas Industrial Computing, Inc.


    North Little Rock 72124

    AIC Rail (Arkansas Industrial Computing, Inc.) provides computer solutions for wheel and repair shops. Railcar Integrated Maintenance Suite is a solution for registering components, receiving rai…... More
  • 39

    Arrowvale Electronics


    Redditch B98 8YN
    United Kingdom

    Arrowvale is one of the leading companies providing real time remote monitoring solutions for rail sub assemblies and components installed on rolling stock. Arrowvale manufacturers a range of rail app…... More
  • 40

    Artesyn Embedded Technologies

    World <br />PremiereWorld

    85579 Neubiberg /Munich

    Leveraging over 30 years of expertise in developing highly reliable and available embedded computer systems, Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a premier supplier of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) faul…... More
  • 41
    ARTS-3250 Fanless Train PC

    ARTS-3250 Fanless Train PC

    Product of  ARBOR Technology Corp.

    ARBOR’s ARTS-3250 is a fanless train PC with Intel® NM10 chipset and Intel® Dual Core Atom™ D2550 CPU. Up to 4GB DDRS RAM and Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 3650. The Intel CPU brings high performance …... More
  • 42

    ARTS-3672W Fanless Train PC

    Product of  ARBOR Technology Corp.

    ARBOR’s ARTS-3672W is a fanless train PC with Intel® PCH QM67 chipset and Intel® Core™ i7-2610UE 1.5GHz CPU. Up to 8GB DDRS RAM and Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 3000, this provides HD resolution with…... More
  • 43

    ASCI Systemhaus GmbH


    10315 Berlin

    Der Name ASCI Systemhaus steht seit 1990 für anspruchsvolle, innovative und flexible Lösungen und Produkte für verkehrstypische Anwendungen. Umfassende Kompetenzen in den Kernbereichen, stetige Weiter…... More
  • 44

    ASE AG


    76646 Bruchsal

    Security and supervision technology,detection systems Security in the rail traffic Train data capture and protection systems at passing trains: Train data (speed, direction of the traffi…... More
  • 45

    Ashida Electronics Pvt.Ltd.


    Thane 400604

    We help you build better and safer industrial environment ASHIDA ELECTRONICS (P) LTD., founded in 1970 by Mr. Manohar Kulkarni, has patented much of it’s equipment. ASHIDA is the first company in…... More
  • 46

    Asset Monitoring Software

    Product of  CDSRail

    CDSRail have a range of different software solutions for analysis & visualisation of data recorded by remote monitoring systems. These include web browser interfaces for specific applications and an i…... More
  • 47

    ATEIS Germany GmbH


    82140 Olching

    ATEÏS develops and manufactures technologies, products and systems that will allow our customers to address acoustic and visual messages to targeted audience in public places. You find our procuc…... More
  • 48

    Worldline GmbH


    52076 Aachen

    Worldline [Euronext:WLN] is the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry. Worldline delivers new-generation services, enabling its customers to offer smooth and innovative s…... More
  • 49

    ATRON electronic GmbH


    85570 Markt Schwaben

    As one of very few pro­viders, ATRON offers the com­plete port­folio for trans­port com­panies and asso­cia­tions from one source. With the ATRON DEBAS sys­tem and the infor­mation manage­ment soft­wa…... More
  • 50

    Australian Rail Industry


    Kingston 2604

    Whether for heavy haul and container freight rail, light rail, metro or high speed rail, densely populated urban environments or harsh, remote desert conditions, Australia’s rail industry offers innov…... More
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