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    • 8. Transport IT - Transport management / Data processing/ Information / Communication
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    1D Simulation Software

    Product of  Oleo International

    Oleo 1D is a one dimensional software program that accommodates the combined effects of couplers, buffers and anti climbers with approximate crush behaviours of vehicle ends.This is good for investigating the sensitivity of the whole train Crash Energy Management (CEM) system for collision response.The software is particularly useful in evaluating the options for various energy absorption methods …... More
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    2m-Band Train Antenna "OmPlecs TOP 230 AMR"

    Product of  Antonics - ICP GmbH

    As a special highlight ANTONICS-ICP ANTENNAS will present an extremely innovative multiband 2m-Band train antennas. The train antennas ANTONICS-ICP thank to their extremely flat design "Low Profile Antenna" (very low height of 40mm / 60mm / 80mm and 140mm) allow the mutual use of different communication systems such as 2m-Band, 70cm-Band/trunked radio/TETRA, GSM-R, GSM 1800, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi 2.4, …... More
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    Product of  Card4B Systems, S.A.

    Network and schedules management Daily planning of vehicles and drivers Cost analysis Product configuration Booking and Trips management Dashboards & Notifications Link to Travel mobile apps Light real-time tracking based on GPS (from smartphones or onboard equipment) Control of arrival times to pre-defined points Maps and line diagram…... More
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    4RE Locomotive HD

    4RE Locomotive HD

    Product of  WatchGuard Video

    4RE Locomotive HD Video Recording System From the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile video recorders comes a revolutionary new locomotive video recording system that maintains video, audio, and data recording integrity throughout a catastrophic event.  We combined our advanced and ultra-reliable recording technology with a crash survivable hardware platform to ensure all data is collected…... More
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    Absolute Security

    Product of  Green Hills Software GmbH

    Achieve Absolute Security! The INTEGRITY operating system foils hackers and viruses INTEGRITY is the only commercial operating system that was designed for the realities of the 21st century. Soon every electronic product will be connected to the Internet. This will allow every person in the world to reach out and touch your product. Soon every electronic product will be vulnerable to att…... More
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    Acapela Group Software Development toolkits

    Product of  ACAPELA GROUP

    Acapela SDKs have been designed for developers to make text-to-speech integration very easy. All our System Development Kits enable them with Acapela’s pleasant voices. The feature set and API are specific to each platform in order to match your requirements... More
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    Accelerometer for Bogies Monitoring

    Product of  Meggitt Sensorex

    Meggitt (Sensorex) offers range of rugged MEMS capacitive accelerometers for bogies monitoring system like rolling vibration measurement and bogies instability. Meggitt (Sensorex) MEMS accelerometers are used for low frequency measurement (<1KHz) and range up to 100g.... More
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    Accelerometers for Train Control

    Product of  Jewell Instruments

    The LCA accelerometers accurately determine train position with mathematical double integration. The LSBC, LCA, LCI and LCF Series are used in rapid transit, metro, and high-speed train systems throughout the world. Our accelerometers are crucial components in safety and control systems offering a safe, controlled ride by providing train acceleration, deceleration, and position feed-back informa…... More
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    Product of  TeleMatrik GmbH

    ActionMATRIK das smarte ITCS System, Steuerung und übersichtliche Überwachung, einfache Kommunikation SYSTEM Eine moderne Verkehrsregion muss heute in der Lage sein, die Fahrzeugflotte zu überwachen und zu disponieren. ActionMATRIK, ein modernes und smartes ITCS System, ist die zentrale Datendrehscheibe für Ihre Verkehrsregion. Die Applikation bietet eine übersichtliche und klare Darstell…... More
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