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    • 8.9 Safety and control engineering
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    Center Communication Systems GmbH


    1210 Wien

    Center Communication Systems, Center Systems for short, is the Austrian market leader in the area of communication systems for response organizations, public transportation and industry. As leadi…... More
  • 22



    69694 Venissieux Cedex

    CENTRALP, leadership and innovation in embedded intelligent systems European Leader of embedded intelligent systems, CENTRALP is able to design and produce a whole range of innovative solutions, esp…... More
  • 23

    Checking systems EPIS 5

    Product of  Ing. Ivo Herman, CSc.

    EPIS 5 FCC – new concept of board checking computer for public transport Let us introduce a new concept of compact on-board computer with check-in system. The EPIS 5 FCC is based on new hadrware …... More
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    Chengdu Yunda Technology Co., Ltd.


    Chengdu 611731

    Chengdu Yunda Technology Company Limited is one of the world leading suppliers of the comprehensive rail transit simulation training systems. Since 1990s, the company has been concentrated on R&D and …... More
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    China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., Ltd.


    Chengdu 610031

    Founded in Sept. 1952, China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group CO. LTD (hereinafter referred to as CREEC) has a history of more than sixty years. It locates its headquarters in Chengdu, with branches i…... More
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    China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Ltd.


    Beijing 100166

    China Railway Signal & Communication Corp. Ltd (CRSC) is a comprehensive enterprise with the biggest scale, strongest system integration capability and largest manufacture capacity in the area of rail…... More
  • 27

    Consilium Marine & Safety AB



    Consilium has a long experience of developing fire and gas safety solutions for demanding applications, such as power plants, warships, arctic explorers, cruise and merchant vessels. Having its histor…... More
  • 28

    Consulting & Products

    Product of  Silver Atena

    Silver Atena provides extensive consulting services in the development of complex mechatronic control systems focusing on safety. Consulting services range from system analysis to concept development …... More
  • 29

    COPPILOT SIL3 - System to Open and Close the Platform Screen Doors

    Product of  Clearsy

    Coppilot is a SIL3 safety critical railway system, which controls the opening and closing of platform screen doors at a metro station. These platform screen doors are installed to keep traffic flowing…... More
  • 30

    Cubris ApS


    2300 Copenhagen S

    Cubris is a Danish private limited IT and engineering company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, specialised in developing and delivering driver advisory solutions for the railway sector. Cubris has more t…... More
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