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Produkt von Tata Steel

Tata Steel

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Tata Steel has developed a rail system capable of significantly reducing rail generated noise. As rail transportation systems develop and grow it is important to remember the effect that they can have on the environment in which they operate.

One of the major areas of environmental impact is noise, and common sources include urban metro operations, which may be very close to housing developments, and mainline freight, particularly night-time operations.

Tata Steel has products which can assist in reducing the noise nuisance from two types of rail generated noise. Both of these products tackle the noise at source, which is significantly more efficient than noise containment measures such as barriers.

Tuned Absorbers -
Tata Steel's Rail sector has, in conjunction with ISVR Southampton University, developed a sophisticated method of reducing the level of rail-borne rolling noise through the use of tuned absorbers. This work formed part of the Silent Track joint research and development programme involving engineers and acoustic specialists from across the European rail industry, as well as, academic institutions. Primarily developed to target the noise spectrum produced by freight traffic (travelling at night), the product can be tuned to suit different railway applications (e.g. different rail sections). Test track results indicate that noise level reductions of around 6dB are readily achievable. The high integrity polymer bonding medium has been developed with specific properties to withstand prolonged operation in the railway environment. Conventional welding and joining techniques are applicable, and signalling systems are unaffected. The system may be supplied as either a new, factory built assembly inclusive of rail, or it can be retrofitted to rail already in service.

SilentTrack is now installed in 14 countries across the world.

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Aktualisiert am: 10.09.2014

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