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Produkt von AB Elektrokoppar

AB Elektrokoppar

Postfach 910
251 09 Helsingborg
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Elektrokoppar manufactures round wire, rectangular wire and profiles by continuous rotary extrusion. This process has proved itself to be the perfect choice when surface quality and straightness are required. Our products are usually wound onto cable drums, whit weight up to 12 tons.

The range of dimensions varies depending on the shape of the profiles. The cross-sectional areas of rectangular wire are 3-400 mm2, while rounded profiles are up to 500 mm2.

  • Profiles and heavy gauge wire for the cable industry
  • Bare as well as paper insulated rectangular wire for transformer manufacturers
  • Heavy gauge wire for mineral insulated fire-proof cables
  • Profiles and heavy guage wire for the cable industry
  • Bare as well as paper insulated rectangular wire for transformer manufacturers
  • Heavy guage wire for mineral insulated fire-proof cables.

The list of applications is varied and etensive. For some of these applications continuous rotary extrusion offers obvious advantages.

Power transmission cable can be designed in a number of different ways, for example, as a solid wire surrounded by sector shaped profiles this type of conductor is both compact and flexible. The advantage of a compact conductor is that less insulation material is required in the finished cable.

Another idea is to stamp the profile in the actual production line, which offers interesting opportunities for new design concepts.

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Aktualisiert am: 20.08.2012

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