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Adetel Group
Adetel Group

Adetel Group

4, chemin du Ruisseau
69130 Ecully
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    • Halle 17/


Herr Arnaud Massant
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"Service for Electronics"

Created in 1990 by François SEBES, the founding CEO, ADETEL GROUP designs, develops and industrializes embedded electronics systems. Its areas of expertise are dedicated to harsh environments such as Aeronautics, Railway, Medical, Defence & Security, Industry & Energy, Automotive & Industrial Vehicles.

With 600 employees and over €50M gross sales, ADETEL GROUP is one of the first French mid-cap companies offering on the market a global offer: a one-stop shop from design to industrialization of value added plus electronics systems. ADETEL GROUP has a strong expertise in electronics, software, engineering, consulting and is a tier-2 equipment supplier providing an adequate response to the international market requirements, including Through-Life Support.

The group has 3 French local subsidiaries Adeneo, Adeneo Embedded & Adetel Equipment based in Lyon (headquarters), Grenoble, Paris & Toulouse and 5 foreign subsidiaries Adeneo Corp. (USA), Adeneo Embedded GmbH (Germany), Adetel Canada (Canada), Adetel Maroc & Adetel Equipment Maroc (Morocco) so as sales partnerships in China and India. ADETEL GROUP is a true multi specialist partner, regularly approached by major industry players.

Applications: energy storage and conversion for the development of electrical transports or energy efficient vehicles (land-based, aeronautics, naval), embedded information systems and control and command for all markets (smart and security), signal processing for medical and defense markets (new applications), interconnection and fast electronics for transport and defense, digital simulation for test equipment and experimentations.

Some examples of realizations: braking energy storage system based on super capacitor technology, real-time radiography-fluoroscopy, missile detector computer, aeronautics embedded compact converter, avionic engine interfaces.
Specific equipments: power test systems, test laboratories and prototyping, simulation and design software , CAD software, internal design software, data servers, configuration management, ERP for development.


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