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5M s.r.o.
5M s.r.o.

5M s.r.o.

Na Zahonech 1177
686 04 Kunovice
Tschechische Republik
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"Smart technologies in the world of composites"

5M is specialist in sandwich panels and composite profiles.

Company 5M operates in the area of the development and manufacture of composite and sandwich materials, such as sandwich panel construction from aluminium or composites, epoxy adhesives for extra high quality joints (structural adhesives), pultruded composite profiles with great mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, long service-life and minimum maintenance, epoxy resins and hardeners for production of glassfibre or carbonfibre laminate parts

Our sandwich panels can be used as floors, doors, walls, partitions or interior ceiling panels in trains, trams, buses and in other vehicles. Composite profiles are commonly used as very light covers (inside or outside) in trams or buses or as the light and non-corrosive profiles for construction of chassis (body) frame. Epoxy adhesives are developed for high quality joint mainly of metals (aluminium, steel), composites, wood, plastics or stones.

Company 5M has 150 employees, 5000 sqm production area. We are certified ISO 9001, DIN 6701 (gluing in railway), our products fulfills DIN 5510 and EN 45545

If you need light structure for your project or if you need to glue anything - we are here to help you!


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