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ACKSYS Communications & Systems
ACKSYS Communications & Systems

ACKSYS Communications & Systems

10 rue des Entrepreneurs
Z.A. Val Joyeux

78450 Villepreux
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    • Hall 4.1/

Contact persons

Mr. Eric Cariou
International sales manager
Phone / Fax: show

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French manufacturer with a strong know-how, ACKSYS Communications & Systems provides a comprehensive range of rugged WiFi communication solutions dedicated to the railway industry: access points, Mesh points, WiFi routers, WiFi devices with multi-operator 3G/4G cellular router, clients and repeaters.

Designed for ground and on-board use, these solutions enable the creation of highly-available wireless network infrastructures for train-to-ground communication and on-board networks (carriage bridging). These ensure a continuous transmission of critical data even in motion thanks to the advanced features implemented in ACKSYS’ products: fast roaming, pre-authentication and fast transitions protocols to optimize the connections with the access points, equipment or radio link redundancy protocols (VRRP, PRP ...) etc.

ACKSYS’ devices can be integrated into systems offering new services, improving passenger security and allowing an optimization of operating costs for applications such as: CCTV recording, dynamic passenger information systems, automated vehicle monitoring systems, etc.

Essentially based on 802.11n standard, ACKSYS’ products take full advantage of the MIMO technology: expanded coverage, higher data throughput, increased radio link reliability and robustness of the wireless communication. Designed with rugged aluminum enclosures, they fulfill the most severe requirements in terms of operating environment (shock and vibration proof, EN 50155 [IEC 60571] / EN 50121-3-2 / EN 50121-4 compliant for light rail/railway applications). Weatherproof (IP66), they resist to water projections and can work in tough climatic conditions from -40°C to +75°C.


  • WLn-RailBox

    At Innotrans 2014, ACKSYS introduces its brand new device: WLn-RailBox. WLn-RailBox is a 802.11n wireless router designed f... More

    WLn-ABOARD is designed for ground or on-board railway applications. Thanks to a dual radio design, WLn-ABOARD can operate s... More

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Last updated: Jun 04, 2014

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