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Trans Data Management AG
Trans Data Management AG

Trans Data Management AG

Freiburgstrasse 251
3018 Bern
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Herr Erol Yildirim
Sales Manager
Trans Data Management AG
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"Trans Data Management - Mission-Critical Communication"

Trans Data Management (TDM) is an international solutions provider with headquarters in Switzerland and the UK. With comprehensive technological know-how in Mission-Critical Communication, the company delivers specialised security, communication and control system applications for infrastructure operators. These systems are designed to function reliably and securely in demanding environments.

With the operational telephony evolution of today, train and subway operating companies are facing challenging times. Many factors contribute to the complexity of voice communications in the rail industry: COTS components, IP, user friendly GUIs, call recording, interoperability with GSM-R, legacy analogue/digital radio, PBXs and other third-party systems. To address such specialised requirements, TDM offers the powerful NIS Rail platform dedicated to railway customers.

In addition to a comprehensive and integrated communications and security platform NIS Rail includes additional features like: stand-alone and fully redundant architectures, centralised configuration and monitoring tools - all contributing to your investment protection and cost control. Many TDM and third-party end-devices, using various communication technologies, can be connected to the intelligent NIS VoIP switch. NIS Rail offers smooth migration, with highly reliable operational telephony networks based on IP-ready components.

Train Operating Companies in the UK and across mainland Europe rely on TDM’s NIS Rail platform for the operation of station security and communication and the safe passage of the travelling public.

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Aktualisiert am: 28.07.2014

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