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Holland's 160-Ton Rail Puller has made the impossible, possible!

It's high capacity, extended working stroke, compact design, and custom control features have allowed railroads to install rail welds in applications that were not possible before.

With the elimination of the need for a separate puller carrier and power source, closure welding has become more cost effective, more productive, and much easier.

Features and Benefits of the 160-Ton Rail Puller:
  • 160 Tons (145 metric tons) Pulling Force provides power for all applications.
  • 15 inch (38cm) Stroke Length available for closing large rail gaps and pulling rail.
  • 4-Independently Controlled Hydraulic Jacks designed to allow easy, precise rail alignment - crown/vertical/twist.
  • The Rail Puller can be operated independent of the welding machine; allowing the Rail Puller to remain in place while moving the welding machine to the next location.
  • Choice of manual or integrated operation with the welding machine enabling the operator to determine the best option.
  • Highest capacity to weight ratio in the industry. Compact, lightweight design allows Super Puller to be carried by welding machine. Eliminates need for separate puller carrier and power source


Holland L.P.

Holland L.P.



A Solutions Partnership Unlike Any Other

Holland is a dedicated engineering-driven company that excels at developing partnerships with its customers in order to deliver comprehensive and progressive transportation solutions for the railroad and related industries. Our core values of family, respect, partnership, integrity and improvement provide the foundation for everything we do. For our partners, this means we deliver our commitments to safety: striving towards zero injuries and accidents; quality: providing quality products and services and continually looking for ways to improve; and leadership: developing industry leading technology and employees.

Founded in 1935, Holland has been a leader in progressive and comprehensive solutions spanning the rail industry for 85 years. We’re known across North America as the premier provider of flash-butt welding services and lead the way in track geometry measurement and track maintenance and construction. Our full portfolio of innovative Maintenance of Way services keeps Class 1, Short Line and Transit rail systems running safely and efficiently by giving them the ability to move beyond find and fix to plan for maximum uptime.

We offer sales, lease, service, replacement parts, training and ongoing support for our flash-butt welding equipment and railcar products in over 35 countries. Certifications include AREMA Chapter 4 – Rail 80-ES-035F-99-7001; Brazil Section 02467; Taiwan Rail Welding AS 1085.20; Australian Standard / Welding of Steel Rail; Other country and local welding standards such as Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong TB 1632-85; Department Standard of Rail Department of the Peoples Republic of China; Government of India Ministry of Railways - Manual for Flash Butt Welding of Rails; Network Rail; United Kingdom / Flash Welding Rails Standard EN 14587 - 2; European Standard for Mobile Welding Machines Section B11 400; Africa Field Welding of Rail Joints; AAR M-1002 / AAR M-1003 / ISO 9001.

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