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The Advantech ARS-P3800 is a fanless Passenger Information System, EN 50155 certified, serving as a reliable platform to provide passenger information on wide versatility of vehicles, such as trains and trams. It features a 38 inch stretched LCD panel, is powered by AMD Embedded G-Series System-on-Chip GX-217GA processor , and designed from the ground up to be robustness with IP (Ingress protection) level 54. It supports EN 50155 T1 level, for smoothly implementation in a wide working temperature ranging from -25°C to 55°C, to make sure its best operation in harsh environment and deliver the real-time information to passengers.

Rugged Design with Industry-Proven Success
ARS-P3800 dramatically improves every aspect of passenger information with an industrial level of innovation and precision. The whole system of ARS-P3800 is designed from the ground up to be robust with an IP (Ingress protection) level of 54. That means the risks of malfunctions resulting from intrusion of water and dust have been drastically decreased. Featuring a special thermal design, ARS-P3800 supports EN50155 T1 level certification for operation in wide working temperature ranges from -25°C to +55°C. Strict EN 50155 standard compliance means it can keep operating even after a 10ms power outage due to its special power design, and protects it against function failures and strong vibration and shock from moving trains.

Design That Makes a Splash
→ AMD® G-Series Embedded SoC GX-217GA processor, Dual Core 1.65GHz
→ Fanless Design
→ 38» LCD panel, 1920 x 540 pixels resolution
→ Whole system IP54 compliant
→ EN50155 T1 -25°C ~ +55°C, EN50155 S2&C1 Power input 110V
→ EN45545-2 requirement for fire behavior of materials and components
→ LAN connection allows remote control functions

Reliable Computing Solutions Expressly for Rolling Stock
With increasing demands for intelligent transportation, railway networks, as well as other transportation systems, are adopting advanced information technology in order to enable an interconnected world. Answering to the market, Advantech has long been designing for rolling stock solutions. The EN50155 certified ARS series, ARS-2 series box PCs, ARS-P series panel PCs, including the newly launched 38» panel PC - ARS-P3800, all come with enhanced flexibility and reliability that aims to realize safe, efficient journeys for passengers and goods alike.


Advantech Europe B.V.

Advantech Europe B.V.



Enabling Intelligent Transportation

Founded in 1983, Advantech is the leader in computing, communications and display devices for harsh environments. The company offers a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom-designed equipment, which it delivers and supports worldwide. For transportation, Advantech offers EN50155-certified products for rolling stock applications, EN50121-compliant products for wayside applications.

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