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Public Transport
Public Transport


Av Sao Gabriel 481
8340 4000


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +55 41 998576100
Fax: +55 41 31283690

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People Delivering Value

Alta Rail Technology is a leading provider of rail solutions with clients in Americas, Africa and Australia. 

ART's solutions encompass the entire production cycle of a railroad and are designed to improve safety, increase productivity and lower costs. ART has an established track record of applying innovative and cost-effective technology to assist clients to:
  • Improve operational safety and minimize the costs of accidents;
  • Reduce the asset cycle time to improve ROI (return-on-investment);
  • Reduce operational costs on maintenance, fuel consumption and human resources;
  • Develop sophisticated cost and pricing algorithms to enhance financial results;
  • Acquire business intelligence to detect operational gaps and improve operational planning.

Alta Rail Technology at a glance:

Over 14 years of experience serving world-class railroads;
Installed base of over 5000 locomotives and 18 Control Centres on 4 continents;

Alta Rail Technology offers two solution suites which together encompass the entire production cycle of a railroad company:

ART products combines on-board technology, wayside equipment and control center software to provide railroads with a complete traffic control solution for both signaled and dark territory environments. The solution relies on a communication infrastructure (Satellite, Radio, GPRS) that digitally transmits Train Movement Authority Information (Track Warrant or Signaling) to the train. 

ART performance management suite is a set of applications that supports the continuous improvement of railroad operation based on productivity (assets and work team) and cost drivers. The suite includes: railway operating system, pricing, financial analysis, permanent way information and yard control components.

Key Performance Indicators are defined for each task in the production process. and tasks are planned to achieve expected performance. Execution results are compared to planned goals in real-time. The analysis of the gaps serves as feedback to the planning process in order to make adjustments for performance continous improvement.