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AZTI® Group of companies are dedicated to design, develop and market the Platform Intrusion Emergency Stop (PIES®) system for the global market.
AZTI Technology Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia incorporated company owns 100% of AZTI Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd (previously known as AZTI Holdings Sdn Bhd) and Alpha Zaicon Technology International Inc. (AZTII), Canada, the IP trademark holder for PIES®, BLUCOR®, AZTI® and Alpha Zaicon®.
PIES® System was designed in Canada initially for Vancouver Sky-train to detect human intrusion on the guideway. This system was named the Platform Intrusion Emergency Stop (PIES®), which is the trademark name for this safety system.
PIES® system is synonymous to cost effective platform safety solutions for the rail industry. Since 1985, PIES® has been successfully installed on the Sky-train in Vancouver, Canada for 20 stations (1985-2014). Since then, PIES® was installed in various countries such as Australia, USA and Malaysia.
AZTI® continuously enhance the systems by updating its technology and standard to meet the current safety demand and with its proven and longest operating track records for the past 30 years, AZTI® was then rewarded to further contribute to the technical advancement in Malaysia Rail Industry for Kelana Jaya Extension Line (KJLEP), Ampang Light Rail Transit and Ampang Extension Line.
AZTI® has significantly enhance on PIES® hardware and firmware and in the process of SIL2 Certification.
AZTI® also visualize growth beyond the boundaries of Malaysia. We believe PIES® is a robust cost-effective technology that is second to none.
As a solution provider for platform safety system, AZTI® offers value proposition and provides core service with a flexible approach to cater various client’s requirements: Project Management, Turnkey Solution, Engineering Design, System Integration, Installation and Maintenance, Testing and Commissioning, Marketing and Procurement, and Engineering Services.
AZTI® has a pool of skilled professionals, engineers and technicians - who are committed to delivering quality in a timely and effective manner. It is led by a management team who has enormous experiences in various industries, mostly trained by MNCs, along with exposures in competing in the international arena.
Building based on a solid traction, AZTI® vision is to be the preferred solutions provider for the rail industry providing effective platform intrusion safety at minimal capital outlay and lowest operating expenses for the lifetime of the system.

Please visit our AZTI® stand at HALL 9 STAND 703 to find out further!
Your Requirement is What We Deliver!