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Loc. Carpeneto
17014 Cairo Montenotte


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 0290786415
Fax: +39 0290786449

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High technology in Rubber Flooring

High performance rubber surfaces, ideal for flooring of public transport vehicles of any type, but also schools, offices, hospitals, museums, and indoor public spaces.

Material that stands out for its technical and functional qualities, a journey dedicated to experimentation and continued research, a company that has been continuously active for almost a century, new and increasingly high-performance solutions and aesthetic interpretations that are constantly evolving.

Rubber is the foundation of our entire business. It has been since 1962 when the Pirelli Group gave birth to Artigo, a division dedicated to the development of flooring. In 1992 the company was acquired by Gruppo Mondo, a leader in rubber surfaces for the commercial and athletic sectors. Gruppo Mondo was able to rapidly develop the rubber flooring market with the use of advanced technologies and the fundamental addition of specific skills and extensive experience.

Outstanding durability, custom colours and solutions, rolls up to 2 m wide, inlaid unique technology for perfect Logos in the floorcovering, walking and standing comfortable, slip resistant, able to match fire/smoke requirement around the globe, delivery in kit, self-adhesive solution, unique surface designs like Decors: these are our core competences and product offering at your service.