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We, Atalar Makine, with our skilled staff, our specially designed cutting edge vehicle and equipment pool, our full-capacity production facility, our software and hardware products with complete certification process produced using the state of the art technology, our productions in various fields and our power derived from being a manufacturing company, would like to be your all in one solution partner for your any need for product and service regarding the rail systems.

Our enterprise was launched in the year 2017 with our production facility over an indoor area of about 20.000 m2 in Ankara /Polatlı 2nd Organized Industrial Zone Stage 1 to operate in the defense, transportation, energy and many other sectors, in particular the Rail Systems, with our automation systems, electromechanical production unit and foundry unit. Our company carries on activities with our full-capacity production facility, including automation and electromechanical production units, the foundry unit complete with model room, core room, furnaces and molding room, vehicle and equipment pool and laboratory, R&D office, technical offices and head office.

Our fields of activity include the Rail System Signaling, Passenger Information Systems, RTU and Energy SCADA as well as Steel Construction and Machine Production, Railway Switch Production, Rail Connection Equipment Production, Mold Manufacturing and Casting.

Our Production Capabilities

Software and Hardware Products: Among our products are Signal Panel and Signal Scada Software, Passenger Information Led Panel and Software, RTU Cabinet and Energy SC, for which all the certification processes have been successfully completed. In addition to our accomplished activities regarding the automation systems, our R&D studies increasingly continue with a view to extend our product range.
Steel Construction and Machine Production: Our steel construction products include the catenary supports, canopies, steel construction buildings, flyovers and welded products. Our machine products include the switch motors for the light rail systems and the motor-driven separators for the catenary systems. Moreover, we carry out the manufacture of the in-plant machine products such as rail bending press, pipe welding positioner and continuous heat treatment furnace for use in our production facility.

Railway Switch Production: The production of any kind of railway switch product, notably Single Turnouts, Cross Turnouts, Diamond Crossings, British and Californian Switches, TBM Switches, Mobile Switches and Custom Switches as well as Expansion Joints and Buffer Stops, is carried out at our production facility for use in the subway train projects, tramway projects and conventional track projects, as well as the high-speed train projects.

Rail Connection Equipment Production: Our product range encompasses the lag screws, tension clamp, angle guides, sole plates, dowels and baseplates, which are required for all the rail types, 49E1, 54E1, 60E1 and Ri59 in particular, and the manufacturing processes of hot forging, cold forming and plastic injection, including the mold production, for various rail connection equipment are accomplished at our facility.

Casting: With our capacity of 500 tons/year, we are able to perform any kind of casting production up to 5 tons in one go, in particular for the railway switch manganese frogs and catenary material, and we provide all the casting activities owing to the model room, core room and furnaces available in our foundry unit.

As Atalar Makine, we carry on our efforts confidently and rapidly with our expert staff having 20 years of experience in the industry, our knowledge and our dynamic and innovative organization in order to meet all your needs in one go and we propose to be your solution partner so that we can have the pleasure to include your esteemed company among our references.