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Molding Ideas Into Shape

BFG International have core competencies in the area of composites along with expertise in several product areas as a full service system supplier. We are engaged in product development & manufacturing, in a wide spectrum of engineering sectors with a track record spanning 5 decades.

BFG are head quartered at Bahrain with manufacturing facilities in 6 countries Bahrain, Brazil, China, India, Philippines & South Africa with about 2000 employees. The main Product Development & R&D center is located at Bahrain along with a Design Office at Chennai India. BFG also has an R&D center in Strasbourg France.

Our Transportation Division has executed over 150 major projects for clients including OEM train manufacturers like Alstom, Bombardier, CAF, Downer EDI, Hyundai Rotem, Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Nippon Sharyo, Siemens & Talgo. Products from this division include railway vehicle interiors, exteriors, front ends, full function integrated toilet cabins & waste management systems.

Our Architectural & Marine Products Division serves clients including Consulting & Contracting companies for civil projects. The products from this division include roofing systems, curtain wall claddings & self-supporting structures for buildings, highly specialized & unique products for underground and over ground metro stations & sewerage treatment plants.

Our Renewable Energy Products Division serves several OEM wind turbine manufactures and provides nacelles and spinners for turbines.

We operate with clients in the full spectrum of their projects including product design, industrialization, production for serial supplies, installation & after sales support.

Composite products, designed & produced for various domains, provided us a leading edge by cross-pollinating learnings across the range.

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