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Windsor QC J1S 2M2

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Baultar Durable Solutions is a Canadian company, located in the province of Quebec, that designs innovative products for the transportation industry (railway freight output, railway public transit, buses, infrastructure) and the architectural field. 

At Baultar, our mission is to create value for our clients by offering them increasingly efficient, reliable, and responsible solutions.

We offer a line of quality products for the flooring industry (floor coverings and subflooring), as well as conductor’s seats and a variety of mechanical solutions. 

Our ABRASTOP composite structural flooring system includes, in its most complete version, a floor covering, an integrated sub-floor, and reinforcing layers that combine the best features of each of these elements. The superb durability of this product enables clients to reduce the life-cycle costs of their flooring; additionally, its light weight helps them generate energy savings and its single-phase installation process decreases installation time. 

We also offer a variety of ergonomic seats for conductors, including the 3000 series, the 4000 series, the 5000 series, the Siti, and the retractable seats. All of our seats are designed to be used in difficult and intensive service environments. By applying the most up-to-date ergonomic principles, we offer comfort, reduce fatigue, and improve the general health of the drivers who use the seats every day. 

At Baultar, we distinguish ourselves through our offering of durable solutions, all of which are intended to address specific difficulties encountered by our clients. Our innovative solutions result from our expert client service, our problem-solving approach, and our flexibility. Our goals are to adapt our products to meet the specific needs of our clients and to collaborate with these clients to make their ideas a reality, while always respecting their personal standards and criteria. 

From the time of Baultar’s founding by Bruno Archambault in 1984, the company has experienced consistent growth. Today, it includes one hundred employees who serve more than 200 clients across five continents. Since the beginning, our approach and our values have always stayed the same: integrity, creativity, and unparalleled client service. 

Our employees are accustomed to listening to the needs of clients, and to viewing the obstacles they encounter as opportunities. Relying on our engineering expertise, we help our clients resolve their problems, transform their ideas into value-added solutions, increase their efficiency, and reduce their operating and installation costs. 

With an average annual growth of 14%, we can invest approximately 10% of our revenue each year in the development of new products and in the improvement and adaptation of existing products.