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Normandy is the first region to take delivery of “OMNEO Premium” Bombardier double-decker trains to replace the obsolete Corail trains currently running on the Paris-Caen-Cherbourg and Paris-Rouen-Le Havre lines.

These 40 new trains will come into service in 2020 and can travel at 200 km/hour.

Bombardier commissioned Yellow Window to design this premium version of its intercity train platform with the aim of offering a high level of comfort, particularly with the design of a new seat and a quality feel reflecting the image of Normandy.

Yellow Window has supported Bombardier at each stage of the project: before the order, during the preparation of the design with the Normandy regional authorities and during the establishment of the industrial specifications for the product, working jointly with Bombardier’s design offices and that of the seat manufacturer Compin.


Yellow Window set out to entirely overhaul the train travel experience between Paris and Normandy, giving it new added value.

To make train travel enjoyable again, Yellow Window reviewed its codes using references from other contexts such as planes, cars, homes, etc., where there is greater emphasis on pleasure.

The trains have been designed to offer each passenger:
  • A perception of comfort due to the ergonomics of the seats and functional equipment (large tray table, individual reading light, individual electric and USB sockets, footrest, etc.).
  • A carefully designed, relaxing environment due to the choice of colours and materials.
  • A perception of quality thanks to the care taken over every detail.


Yellow Window n.v.

Yellow Window n.v.




We support our clients all over the world out of our two design agencies in two European cities that are icons for creativity – Paris and Antwerp – and our commercial presence in Hong Kong, at the heart of Asia. Our story begins in 1989 with Enthoven Associates Design Consultants founded by the designer Axel Enthoven. In 2001, Enthoven Associates merged with Yellow Window Management Consultants to extend its spectrum of activities and made us what we are today – a multidisciplinary design agency. In 2007, the French agency was set up under the Yellow Window brand. In 2013, Yellow Window became our common name and sole identity for all our design activities throughout the world.

Our Expertise
  • Transport design
  • product design
  • environnemental design
  • information design
  • service design
  • policy design
  • digital design

We support private and public actors to optimize their products and services and innovate to make them stand out. Our approach is to always place users and their experience at the center of all projects by mobilizing methods bringing together observation, participation, analysis and creativity. Our contribution is to offer creativity and unique expertise, combining our skills in designing services with our capacity to devise specific operational solutions appealing to a broad range of design disciplines.

Our Team

Our team consists of women and men with different cultures from different walks of life, able to express themselves in eight EU languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Czech), as well as Chinese, Korean and Russian. It is the multidisciplinary nature of these talented people; their curiosity, their desire to discover new knowledge or ways of doing things, and their creativity in seeking solutions suitable for each specific client or context that make our services excellent.

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