Bozankaya Shows New Generation E-Bus at InnoTrans 2018

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The Bozankaya team is looking forward to introducing their 18m new generation Sileo e-bus and meet with clients to provide more insights into the company’s urban public transport solutions. The Sileo is part of the company’s range of fully electric, environmentally friendly buses that offer an attractive and economic solution to making urban public transport cleaner and quieter, protecting the climate and increasing the quality of life in urban areas.

The bus is equipped with the company’s proprietary battery and battery management system, which enables fast charging at the bus depot through the dynamic matrix charging (DMC) system. We also offer mobile charging units. The Sileo has an impressive range of up to 400km with a single charge.

The Sileo’s single-cell loading (SCL) system maximizes battery life: The lithium iron phosphate battery, mounted on the roof of the e-bus, consists of several hundred cells. The system monitors each cell and balances the charging process to avoid overcharging individual cells. This makes elaborate cooling processes unnecessary and extends battery life while maintaining performance levels.

Alternatively, to offer municipal transport operators more flexibility, the Sileo can be produced as a Trambus, charging through the catenary, i.e. overhead electricity lines, with its dynamic on-board charging system.

The 18m configuration can accommodate up to 136 passengers. The Sileo is also available in 10.7m, 12m, 18m (articulated) and 25m (bi-articulated) configurations, with a capacity of 90 passengers (10.7m and 12m bus), 136 passengers and 210 passengers respectively.

Key Sileo data:
  • Specific energy consumption: 1.1–1.3kWh/km
  • Standard Charging Technology (SL); mobile devices for the charging of a single vehicle
    • Constant charging power
    • Charging power: 40/80kW
    • Input voltage: 400VAC
  • Dynamic Charge Matrix (DCM): Stationary charging system for the simultaneous charging of 10 vehicles
    • Variable charging power
    • Charging power: 400kW
    • Input voltage: 400VAC
  • Continuous monitoring of a wide range of operating data
  • Online identification of failures and maintenance requirements
  • Analysis of the available database for customized product care
  • Development of customer-specific software solutions for an optimal integration of the Sileo vehicle system into the depot
  • Sileo safety concept:
    • battery and inverter housing completely outside the passenger compartment
    • wear-free low-voltage units in the inspection area
    • extensive single cell monitoring by the battery management system

For more information or to make an appointment with us at InnoTrans, please contact:
Wiebke Beetz +(49) 163 320 19 29
Ozan Kökkaya +(90) 534 890 48 65
Yiğit Belin +(90) 535 315 38 08

About Bozankaya
Bozankaya was founded as an R&D company in Germany in 1989. In addition to its R&D centre in Ankara, the company now has three manufacturing sites in Turkey and one in Germany where it develops and builds innovative, environmentally friendly urban transport solutions, including its 100% electric Sileo bus, 100% low floor trams, metro trains and its modern trambus system. Proprietary technology is a key component in all the company’s vehicles. The company also manufacture stainless steel and aluminum tram car bodies for rail system vehicles used in European and US American markets.

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