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CEO Ramanathan Narayanan

Locomotive and Gear box manufacturing company
1. Spurgebundene Fahrzeuge für den Personen- und Güterverkehr

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: 91 80-42449270


San Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd.
P.B. No. 4802, Whitefield Road, Opp. ITPL, Mahadevpura Post
Bangalore 560 048


SAN Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd. established in 1969 is a leading manufacturer of Diesel Electric & Diesel Hydraulic Shunting Locomotive, Power packs, Track maintenance machines in India. We have manufactured over 1000 Locomotives so far. Our Locomotives are currently operational in Africa, Malaysia & other sub continents.
We are leading solution provider (integration) to special purpose vehicles for Indian Railways.

An ISO certified company, our strong design and state of the art facility also manufactures various types of Traction Gears & Pinions, Impellers, Bogies, Wheel sets, FRP components, Fabricated parts, Cardan shaft etc.

The FRP division is capable of manufacturing various types of components for Rail and Metro application. We also have a well equipped fabrication facility.

Our strong and knowledgeable work force ensures prompt after Sales service to our customers.

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Supply of products presently manufactured by us. And looking for potential partners for augmenting our present product portfolio.


Apart from the products we manufacture, we also undertake modernization, refurbishment and overhauling of the Locomotives, Track machines, Gear boxes and other products manufactured by us.


San Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd.

San Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd.



Total solution provider for Railways

Whether it is in the partnership we forge or the products that we design, we take pride in building long term relationship with our customer's and making long lasting impact in their businesses. SAN is today known for the reliability of its products, superior technology, manufacturing capabilities and values that stem from our core belief of making long term investments and commitments. Be it the Locomotives, Power packs, Gear boxes, Cardan Shafts and other technologically superior Rail products, SAN has earned distinction of designing these products to help companies achieve their productivity goals and keep the cost of ownership low.SAN is built on a strong foundation of innovation and technological excellence. Strategic partnerships to strengthen our in-house engineering capabilities and market reach, continuous focus on Research and Development , Customer centric approach have marked the companies journey in the design and manufacture of various products. Over the years, the Company has grown it’s product portfolio and aligned its offering to changing market requirements. Today SAN is a multi product, multi market enterprise that provides solutions to all segments of industries.

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