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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Halle 7.2c 203
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CET Systems/CET Tanks

Garrandale designs, installs and maintains a full range of manual and automatic CET systems that can be configured to optimise operation times and ensure fast turnaround.

Efficient cleaning
We understand that safe, hygienic and efficient emptying of CETs is essential which is why we provide a complete design and installation service which meets the requirements of each individual depot. Our range of CET systems is manufactured to the highest specification and will integrate seamlessly with your carriage design.

Bespoke solution
Each system is designed to suit your specifications, taking into account the CET technology, the amount of space available and the degree of automation required. In addition they are user friendly with tanking hose storage and a 10m span capability.

Pipework to Suit all Locations
Garrandale has used its many years of experience to develop pipework systems for all locations, whether they are buried below ground or at high level. Our designs take into account the varying climates the system will be subject to and incorporate unique solutions to support the pipework, cope with expansion and contraction and reduce installation time on site.

Rinsing and Sightglasses
To ensure the effectiveness of our CET systems, we have used our knowledge of designing CET tanks to incorporate rinse function for rolling stock that does not have a separate rinse connection, which helps to ensure that the level probes inside the CET holding tank do not become ‘ragged up’, giving false readings and locking out the toilet doors. Another useful addition is a sight glass which enables the operator to see when the operation has completed which negates the need for constant monitoring.

Water Systems
Most CET aprons are also used for filling the train water tanks; doing this safely and in compliance with the water regulations is an area where Garrandale is often called on for advice prior to implementation. The mixing of Rinse Water, Tanking Water and Potable Water in one area calls for experience and understanding of the water regulations, in order to reduce risks to health from cross contamination and backflow.

Suspended Hose System
Garrandale has also developed a number of unique and innovative solutions to address the issue of tripping hazards on CET servicing aprons caused by hoses lying on the ground, ranging from simple hooks to the Suspended Hose System.

CET Tanks

Garrandale is the leading designer and manufacturer of CET tanks for the rail industry and provides a range of options to suit all rolling stock.

New build
Our range of CET tanks for new rolling stock is extensive and incorporates all of the very latest technology including level probes and heaters. Each tank can be custom designed and tailored for compatibility with the rolling stock to ensure improved functionality and reliability throughout its service life.

Garrandale offers a full retrofit service of CET tanks, working with each individual train operator to design and manufacture a solution which will stand up to the rigorous demands placed upon them.

Garrandale also offers a full refurbishment facility of all CET tanks.

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