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The China Association of Metros (CAMET)

China Association of Metros (CAMET)is a national level association in urban rail transit. It is administrated by National Development Reform Commission, and also receives professional guidance from Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and Department of Transportation. CAMETis a national non-profit social organization with independent legal entity in urban rail transit industry.

CAMETnow has 581active members, which covers every aspect of the urban rail transit industry, from metro operating, construction engineering, equipment manufacturing, to consulting and media & academy.

CAMET’s objective is to play the role of a bridge and a hub with strict observation of laws and regulation and strong self-discipline, so as to provide services for government and enterprises, and promote the scientific development of the industry.

CAMETis committed to take an active part in offering service, reflecting complains and requirements and standardizing transit regulations. It builds a platform for government and Committee, plays the role of a bridge and a hub, and tries its best to serve government, enterprises, cities, and industries. The main duty of the association is listed as follows:
  • Conduct survey and research in urban rail transit industry, so as to put forward questions and summarize experience. Carry out studies on relevant policies and measures, so as to provide suggestions and consultancy for government departments in making decisions.
  • Organize information communication inthe planning, construction and operation management of the urbanmass transit field, enhance communicate with each other and share experience obtained during the development of urban rail transit; call on all sides tobring theirsuperiority, so as to promote technology forward.
  • Organize domestic and international communication and cooperation in urban rail transit industry to exchange information. Pay attention to the development of international transit and introduce advanced technology and management experience.
  • Carry out professional research;reinforce studies onbasic theory and technical standards, in order to serve for the project construction, management and product development. Organize and provide education and training for professionals; establish a brain bank and industry expert database.
  • Organize and carry out qualification authentication and safety assessment delegated by the government.
  • Offer consulting service for professional research in project planning, constructing,managing, and state-owned equipmentdomesticization.
  • Hold urban mass transit exhibits; offer a platform for communication and exhibitions.
  • Propagandize and implement domestic policy, edit and publish the relevant information and materials. Set up a platform for information transfer, experience exchange and views expression,reflect the government with profession opinions and demands, and maintain the legal rights of business enterprise opinions.
  • Take charge of missions entrusted by other relevant departments.

Organization Structure:
1 Experts and Academic Committees;

2 Branch:
  • Modern Tram Branch,
  • Monorail branch;

7 Professional Committees:
  • Engineering ConsultingCommittee
  • Engineering ConstructionCommittee
  • Operation managementCommittee
  • Technical & EquipmentCommittee
  • Security ManagementCommittee
  • Resource ManagementCommittee
  • InformationizationCommittee

Add: 20F, Block A of No.1, BaiyunShidai Bldg, Courtyard A-5, Lianhuachi East Rd., Xicheng Dist., Beijing 100038 P. R. China