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No.16-5, Xisihuan Zhonglu, Haidian District
Beijing Beijing 100036

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Telefon: +86 10 51897277
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Connecting the World through Better Mobility

CRRC is the world’s largest supplier of rolling stock. Headquartered in Beijing, we has 186,963 employees divided among over 46 subsidiaries. CRRC manufacture rail vehicles in all segments including high-speed trains, electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, EMUs, DUMs, passenger coaches, metro cars, LRVs and freight wagons, which are able to tailor the product to your individual needs.
Based on the market demand and using cutting-edge and cost-effective technology, CRRC aims not only at offering the best but also the most valuable products and service to customers. CRRC has strong manufacture ability and perfect parts supply chain. Moreover, our optimized manufacturing & quality system and outstanding team allow us to manufacture products within a shorter production cycle, with better technology and at a lower cost, ensuring that your requirements on quality, price and delivery schedule are met.
CRRC has always been internationally reputed for its high quality. All production enterprises have registered with the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification.  Most have registered with IRIS certification. Some have acquired certificates from UIC, AAR and TSI.
CRRC has strong ability in machining, casting, forging, steel fabricating, welding and assembling as well as in developing motor and electrical equipments. Highly competent employees, high technical product examination and efficient management system are the guarantee of high quality products.
The focus of CRRC is quality. It is the way we do business. Our policy is to strengthen the management to serve the market and, therefore, to supply products conforming to international standards and/or customers. Every product receives the strict scrutiny from the first operation to the last. Operators, inspectors, supervisors, and managers assure that the products our customers receive meet quality standards.
As a most faithful partner, wherever you are, we service you 24 hours a day with a network across the globe. We provide a wide range of services over time including technical consulting, financing plan, lease, after-sale service, life-cycle maintenance, EPC, technology and industrial upgrading. We hope to be part of your value chain and grow with your together.
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  • Electrical System Technology Expert

    1.Lead a team responsible for the research of cutting-edge technology relating to AC power transmission and transformati…

  • Mechanical R&D Engineer

    1. Undertake the R&D and testing of hydraulic shock absorbers;
    2. Undertake the life cycle research of transmission pro…

  • Electronics R&D Engineer

    1. Undertake IGBT chip technology research;
    2. Undertake IGBT module technology research.

  • Vehicle R&D Engineer

    1. Undertake vehicle system dynamics simulation and dynamic test data processing;
    2. Undertake the research of vehicle …

  • Noise Control Engineer

    1. Undertake simulation analysis and forecasting of noise control plans in the field of automobiles or rail vehicles; 

  • Fire Safety Engineer

    1. Undertake rail passenger vehicle fire risk assessment and performance optimization research, and passenger evacuation…

  • Data Analysis Engineer

    1. Organize the formulation of the company's big data development plan, the overall architecture design, R&D and program…

  • Software Development Engineer

    1. Undertake the planning and design of the overall technical software framework;
    2. Undertake to complete the coding o…

  • Materials Welding Engineer

    1. Undertake overall planning of body welding, diagnosis and upgrading of body welding processes, training of new weldin…

  • Materials R&D Engineer

    1. Undertake the development of new materials technology, and independent completion of some scientific research project…

  • Project Manager

    1. Organize the development of overall project schedules, and carry out schedule control, assessment and coordination;

  • Capital Operations Director

    1. Undertake international operations management, integrated management of transnational subsidiaries and business opera…

  • Structural Design Engineer

    1. Undertake the design of  body structure plans and energy-absorbing body structure;
    2. Undertake the simulation analy…

  • Process Development Engineer

    1. Participate in the R&D of the company's products, technologies and processes;
    2. Participate in solving key technica…

  • Process Design Engineer

    1. Undertake the company's process design;
    2. Undertake process design related to corporate information systems and ope…

  • Network Control Technology Expert

    1. Responsible for the development of train network control systems and communication protocols; 
    2. Responsible for th…

  • Market Development Manager

    1. Undertake the collection, sorting, analysis and feedback of overseas market information;
    2. Undertake brand promotio…

  • Mechanical Technology Expert

    1. Responsible for the research of finished automobile mechanical systems of rolling stocks, urban rail vehicles and mul…

  • Big Data Mining Expert

    1. Responsible for the establishment of a rail transit equipment life model through operating data analysis and mining; …

  • Microelectronic Technology Expert

    Responsible for the research of SiC-based IGBT and application technology, and primarily undertake related projects abou…

  • Network Control and Development Engineer

    Undertake software development and hardware development of the train network control system:
    1. Embedded train network …

  • Electrical R&D Engineer

    Undertake the development of high-power electronic converter technology applications and hardware and software:
    1. Hard…

  • EMC Design Engineer

    1. Undertake rail vehicle EMC design, evaluation and experimental work;
    2. Solve theoretical and experimental EMC probl…

  • Simulation Analysis Engineer

    Undertake professional simulation analysis of main circuits, electromagnetic fields, stress fields, flow fields, tempera…

  • Program Development Engineer

    1. Undertake the research of basic and cutting-edge technologies about rail transit information systems such as big data…

  • Detection Technology Engineer

    1. Undertake the research of integrated or coupling rail transit technology and detection methods;
    2. Participate in th…

  • Advanced Translator

    1. Undertake advanced translation and interpretation for the company's business activities;
    2. Undertake or participate…