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Flöjelsbergsgatan 1C
SE-431 35 Mölndal
Västra Götaland County

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Telefon: +46 31 86 97 03
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Mobil: +46 765 26 86 32
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Cactus Rail Traffic Management System, Cactus TMS
It is possible to make railway travel more efficient all over world. Investments in new technology will speed up traffic and improve punctuality and track usage, as well as reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

Regional railway operators
Traffic management systems have become somewhat of a speciality of ours here at Cactus Rail. We had our first commission in this field in the late 80s, installing an alarm log system for the underground transport network in Stockholm.
The Cactus traffic management systems, Cactus TMS, are reliable turnkey systems with a virtually unlimited capacity. Using programmes we have developed ourselves, we can design solutions that specifically target the needs of our customers—something several Scandinavian railway operators have greatly appreciated. Regional railways in particular have been modernised by integrating old and new technology.

Cactus CTC according to ERTMS L2
Cactus UniView has won a subcontract for supplying CTC system according to ERTMS level 2 (European Rail Traffic Management System) at Haparandabanan. Main contractor is Ansaldo STS Sweden AB.

The contract includes development and adaptation to the specific conditions of the Swedish rail network according to the Swedish National Rail Administration - Trafikverket. This gives Cactus Rail valuable opportunities as the Swedish rail network is progressively being upgraded to ERTMS.
'Haparandabanan', is a railway line from Boden to the Finnish border that connects the Finnish and Russian rail networks with the Swedish and Norwegian systems. This is particularly important as the line will ultimately provide a unique access from the Eastern hemisphere to the port of Narvik in Norway, for shipping of goods to the rest of the world.

Go ahead, ask our customers what they think of us: ”On-time delivery”; ”Exceptional know-how”; ”Easy to work with”; and ”Cost-aware” are a few phrases that frequently come up in our evaluations. Many of our customers have been with us from the very beginning.
Feel free to contact us at Cactus Rail. We promise that it will be worth your while.