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China High-Speed Railway Technology Co., Ltd.


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Railway Infrastructure
Railway Infrastructure


Room 201, Block B, No 51 of Kunming South Road, Haidan District


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +86 1051519999
Fax: +86 1051518972

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Cathay High-Speed Railway Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as CHSR), a listed company (stock code: 000008), is the leading supplier in the rail transit operation and maintenance industry.
Founded in 1997, CHSR is one of the earliest companies entered the rail transit operation and maintenance industry. CHSR holds more than 20 subsidiaries within 4 business groups, which are Beijing Sheenline Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiaoda Micro Union Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Leaddo Control Technology Co., Ltd. and New Smart Rail Technology Co., Ltd.
CHSR is the key innovative company in the independent innovation demonstration zone, whose multiple core technologies has reached the international leading level, such as EMU Online Mobile Wheel Rim & Wheel Spoke Flaw Detector, Hollow Shaft Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, EMU Oil Monitoring System, EMU Bogie Dynamic & Static Test Bench, Train Running Malfunction Dynamic 3D Image Inspection System, GFJX-100 Rail Wielding CNC Milling Machine etc. CHSR has a great products market share, especially the Train Wash Plant covers more than 90% domestically.
CHSR is dedicated to supply the comprehensive solving solutions for the vehicle and the whole line by overall design, process re-engineering, product embedded and data service, which is based on the individual product technology superiority. In the “Internet + High-tech” era, CHSR has developed the ability to design and serve for big data and cloud processing, and to offer multiple data solving solutions.
Taking the historical opportunity presented by The Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese railway development plan and the mass development of urban rail transit, CHSR has implemented the strategy to build the Systematic Industrial Platform, Specialized Business Platform and Data Service Platform. With the business covers all over China and more than 8 overseas markets, CHSR has grown into the leading company in China’s rail transit maintenance industry and working fully to become the excellent company worldwide.