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Condition-based monitoring, control systems and safety systems

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Detect problems at an early stage
Railway vehicles are continuously subject to weather and operational conditions that can include violent shocks, temperature extremes and water ingress.

Maintenance is crucial to prevent an issue that can easily lead to a failure in the continuing operation of the vehicle or increased stress for the vehicle subsystems. With much of the damage not visible at an early stage the consequences can quickly be higher maintenance costs and very real safety risks.

The benefits of locating problems in a smarter, faster and cost-efficient way even before they manifest themselves are clear.

Discover different measuring tools
Televic Rail provides measuring tools to detect deviations in critical system parameters based on temperature, vibration and other measurements.

The Televic sensor systems are placed in the optimal position to gain insight into the real-time operational condition of your fleet, enabling a fleet manager to effectively plan preventive maintenance rather than perform emergency repairs.

From these campaigns you will learn:
  • Which parts are most susceptible to wear and tear and what the failure modes are
  • To move from preventive to predictive maintenance.
  • How you can optimize the maintenance cycle of your fleet.

How we make the difference
Televic Rail has 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing bogie sensor and control systems, amongst other for tilting systems and the Bombardier FlexxTronic platforms.

Worldwide, thousands of Televic Rail sensors and safety systems are mounted on bogies and in car bodies. Today our sensor subsystems are used as part of:
  • Control systems to control tilting, active radial steering, active lateral suspension, and selective door opening
  • Monitoring bogie parameters such as vibration and temperature
  • Safety systems used for bogie instability detection, gauge infringement, wheel unloading and side wind monitoring, including SIL2 implementations.


Televic Rail NV

Televic Rail NV



Televic Rail - Ihr Partner für Fahrgastinformationssysteme

Unsere Mission: Fahrgäste informieren.

Seit mehr als 30 Jahren entwickelt, produziert und wartet Televic Rail innovative Kommunikationslösungen für mehr als 25.000 Fahrzeuge weltweit.

Unser Portfolio umfasst:
  • Audiosysteme
  • Echtzeit-Fahrgastinformationssysteme
  • CCTV-Überwachungssysteme
  • Sitzplatz-Reservierungssysteme
  • Informations- und Werbesysteme
  • Datensynchronisation- und Managementlösungen
  • Mechatronische Sensoren

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