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Tunnel Construction
Tunnel Construction


Postfach: 8763
SE-402 76 Gothenburg


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +46 31 7107700
Fax: +46 31 7107800

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Consilium – A trustworthy partner

Area of operation
Consilium is a global niche company that develops manufactures and markets products and systems that are used to protect people, material values and the environment. Consilium’s entire offering is based on delivering high-quality applications to customers who need to protect large and complex environments with high material values or large numbers of people. With a global market organization, Consilium can offer its customers local service and support wherever in the world they are. The vision is for customers to make Consilium their choice when safety matters.
Key products/services
Consilium supplies fire detection, some according to SIL 2 standard and protection systems to all different segments in the rolling stock, from ultra-high speed trains to trams and locomotives. In our portfolio we also deliver fire protections systems to trucks and buses.
As worldwide market leader, Consilium deliver knowledge and experience for safety solutions within Rolling Stock.