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Our company produces a complete list of DC equipment including rectifiers and positive and negative current switchgear for 600V, 750V and 825V power supply systems.
The main advantages of our equipment is its reliability and compact size.

  • Rectifiers V-TPED
Apart from conventional automation and diagnostic functions typical of urban electrical transport rectifiers, the modern rectifier control systems allows:
– continuously controlling the condition of each diode and issue an alarm in case it is faulty;
– diagnostics of diode parameters on the valve arm and issue an alarm in case they require timely repair without reaching
the emergency condition;
– control valve arm open failure and indicate the failure location to prevent hazardous surges in the rectified
voltage curve;
– inform of the temperature inside the rectifier cabinet thanks to an integrated temperature sensor.
Information can be presented as a diagram of temperature change for a specific period.
– maintain a rectifier operation log that is read using a compact diode-tester device or a computer connected through a standard RS232 connector.
– operate with both conventional remote control systems and modern upper level remote control systems.

  • KRU DC+ switchgear
Different models of KRU switchgear exist depending on the voltage and the functional of devices

There are linear (KRU-L), bypass or backup (KRU-Z) and cathode (KRU-K) cubicles.
Main feature of KRU DC switchgear is a motorized pull-out element on telescopic guideswith HSCB installed. It provides for quick and convenient access to the HSCB, advanced system of the short-circuit tester (SCT) and to the measuring shunt. There are modifications for most of curently available HSCB based on customer preferences.

Using an advanced microprocessor system of control and management allows for the following functions:
— controlling units from both the central dispatcher control panel (CDCP) and an LCD touchscreen panel;
— recording the KRU operation log in the non-volatile memory with further identification of personnel erroneous actions and analysis of events preceding the failure;
— organizing the cycle of automatic re-closing (ARC) providing an opportunity to change the ARC time within a wide range;
— integral current-time protection (ICTP) by computer modeling of heating/cooling of a contact wire and momentary switch tripping when the ICTP setpoint is reached;
— protecting the overhead system by analyzing such parameters as dI/dt, ∆I/∆t, ∆U, Imax, etc.;
— recording current and voltage graphs in case of the momentary switch automatic tripping with an opportunity to further process and analyze the curves;
— analyzing the condition of the overhead system by testing it with an improved system of short-circuit tester (SCT);
— automatic feeder transfer from a linear cell to a backup cell and back by controlling the necessary conditions of successful transfer;
— control over KRU components failures with an opportunity to decode failure types on the LCD touchscreen of the KRU Z cell and record it into the KRU operation log.

  • RUOSh DC- switchgear
There are linear (RUOS L), grounding (RUOSh Z) and rectifier (RUOSh A) devices.
Devices based on R15/R30 disconnectors of our own production and have small size, high functionality and reliability.
Devices can be remotely controled and all necessary information can be transmited via RS485 interface both the substation control system (CDCP) and in a higher-level SCADA system.







Die Philosophie unseres Unternehmens heißt ständige Bewegung nach vorne.

Der wissenschaftliche Produktionsbetrieb SPE ENERGY wurde 1992 gegründet und produziert seitdem Ausrüstung für Bahnstromwerke.
SPE ENERGY stellt ein komplettes Spektrum an Niederspannungsausrüstung her, darunter:
  • Gleichrichter;
  • Gleichstromverteiler für Bahnstromwerke mit ausgereifter Automatisierungssystem;​​​
  • Trennschalter (für lastloses Schalten);
  • Gleichstromverteiler für Ü-Bahntunnel und Betriebswerkstätten;
  • Schutz- und Automatisierungsausrüstung;
  • Hilfsbetriebe, Kontrolltechnik und Diagnoseausrüstung;
  • Ladestationen für Elektrofahrzeuge für schnelle Ladung.
SPE ENERGY entwirft, stellt her, installiert und wartet eigene Ausrüstung. Alle Produkte werden getestet und zertifiziert.
SPE ENERGY arbeitet mit Fachkräften aus Großstädten Russlands, sowie mit erfahrenen Experten aus GUS-Ländern, Europa und Asien zusammen. Wir sind kommunikationsbereit und wollen unsere Produktion mit Ihnen und für Sie verbessern.

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