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Fluid Controls Single Ferrule Connectors are designed and validated to ISO 8434-1 and ISO 19879 standards. The Connectors have specially designed single or double cutting rings, hardened by a proprietary case-hardening process, to form leak-free, corrosion-resistant connections with tubing. Fluid Controls DIN Single Ferrule Connectors are available in LL, L and S series and sizes & material to customer specifications.


Fluid Controls Private Limited

Fluid Controls Private Limited



The Brake Piping Connector Experts

Fluid Controls has over 45 years of experience in engineering fittings and connections for rail & metro brake piping assemblies. We offer customers comprehensive solutions for locomotive and coach brake piping arrangements – from design & engineering services to supply of high performance connectors and installation services.

Fluid Controls® offers design services for brake piping arrangements and conversion engineering, including 3D modelling, FEA and prototyping via ANSYS and Solidworks. Our engineers work closely with customers to understand their requirements and develop effective solutions for them.

Our engineering and design strength have ensured that millions of Fluid Controls connectors have been successfully installed on electric and diesel locomotives, motorized coaches, LHB and mainline coaches and metro cars, providing “fit and forget” assurance to customers.

Fluid Controls partners with customers to be a single source supplier for various connectors required for rail and metro applications. Our products include:
  • Double Ferrule Fittings with multiple sealing points and high vibration resistance which have been design validated by ABS & performance validated to ASTM F1387-99 (2012)
  • DIN Single Ferrule Connectors for metro and rail applications
  • BulkheadTM and Threaded Adaptors
  • Hose End Connectors and crimping services
  • FlexiGripTM Connectors for misaligned pipe connections
  • Quick Release Connectors
  • Customised Connectors designed to client requirements
  • Isolating Cocks and clamping accessories (DIN and customised)
As an extension of our design and supply services, Fluid Controls offers clients on-site/off-site installation services of brake piping. We have recently introduced pre-piped assemblies to facilitate installation and ensure faster turnarounds. With our composite expertise of manufacturing connectors, our understanding of tube and end connector performance and our decades of experience of swaging and accurate tube bending, Fluid Controls® offers customers a complete end-to-end engineered supply and installation solution.

Fluid Controls connectors, clamps and valves are manufactured to the highest standards and our ferrule fittings are design validated and certified ASTM F1387-99, ISO 19879, and ISO 8434. We are also certified to IEC vibration and corrosion resistance standards.

Our 120,000 sq. ft. design, engineering and manufacturing facility is located at Pune, Western India, where we have a state-of-the-art R&D centre, which offers clients customized solutions based on analytical formulations, 3D Modelling and FEA. Today, Fluid Controls® is recognised by the Indian Government Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) as an “In House R&D Unit”.

Today, Fluid Controls® has over four decades of experience supplying over 15 million connectors and delighting over 60 customers in the Rail & Metro Industry. We are approved by all Indian Locomotive and Coach OEM’s, Bombardier Transportation, Alstom Transport for Metro and E-Loco, and GE Transportation. We are also approved by brake equipment and other suppliers to the Rail & Metro industry.

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