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DevCSI SARL Développement et conception de systèmes


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Railway Technology
Railway Technology


30 rue Eugene Perreau
58200 Cosne Sur Loire


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +33 3 86 22 73 90

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DevCSI gives the opportunity for industrial companies to digitize their process by creating and crafting tailored IT softwares.

With 10 years of experience in railway industry, we have developed an in-depth railway knowledge to offer both technological and industrial expertise. We have already developed a logisitic support analysis system for SNCF (public french railway operator) and traceability solutions.

We have also created a traceability system especially for railway industry called PlugInRail. PlugInRail is a software system designed and developed by DevCSI to facilitate and secure the rolling stock and railway
equipment tracking. It is based on RFID technology and internet of things and composed of three modules:
  1. An embedded module (on touch pad for instance) intended to scan or “digitize” the rolling stock’s identification. Concretely, the RFID tag put on the train will be given a digital, unique, and protected registration by the PlugInRail embedded application.
  2. A second module to capture and centralize registration data. Terminals are placed along the railway line and at the entrance of the maintenance centers to collect registration data. Then, the data are centralized on a cloud system in order to process them securely. Thanks to this module, all registered trains are located in real time.
  3. The third module that can be tailored to the specific requirements of the railway company. The captured data has value only if it is used to facilitate industrial processes. This module can generate maintenance dashboards, train track use plans and much more.