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The CDR series have been designed by ELERON to perform the commutation, sectioning or earthing of electric circuits in various application fields. In particular, in the sector of railway rolling stock, they are used properly configured in order to perform series/parallel switching between the winding of drive motors, brake resistors and Earthing switch.
The combiners of CDR series are object of ELERON’s patent.
The “core” of CDR series is constituted by a body of modular, compact structure which allows to realize various solutions. Each module is constituted by two stators done by insulating material which have the function to support the fixed contacts in copper alloy.
The rotor is located inside the modules, which is also made of insulating material and has the function to support movable contacts in silver-plated copper. Since the rotor can take up to two or more different positions, it performs the commutation of the electric circuit.
The particular design of the contacts allows to obtain optimal functioning during regular operation, and also in case of high short-circuit currents, without suffering any damage.
The main body of CDR can be enclosed inside a metal case which has the purpose to protect it from foreign bodies, such as water and dust.
In addition to the connector for the connection of auxiliary circuits, a series of bushing insulators in epoxy resin are mounted on the case and are connected inside of the CDR body through copper laminated bridges.
The container can be equipped with a few removable panels located on the ground for safety reasons.
In case it is used in the sector of railway rolling stock, the CDR can be mounted externally on the roof or under the case and it can work properly in any assembling position.

The devices can be of 4 different type: manual or motorized, direct or independently torque moving.
In case of using motorized independent device, moving of CDR contacts is obtained by joining an independently operated command to its body, equipped with a spring which is charged through electric motor.
When requested it is supplied with keys interlocking.
This case has the advantage to obtain quick closing and opening of the CDR contacts with the benefit to interrupt small electric loads, and it is also built so as not to allow movable contacts to move from their position due to gravity, vibrations and collisions.
A series of additional contacts directly enabled by the central rotor, remotely indicate the CDR position.
In case of using manual device, this can be direct connected to the shaft of the CDR contacts or can be indirect, equipped with spring system to be sure about the speed of moving contacts.

  • Change over switch
  • Earthing switch
  • Disconnector
  • Security system isolator


Eleron Power S.R.L.

Eleron Power S.R.L.



Eleron stands for design, high technology and Italian quality since 1956

Since 1956 Eleron Power operates in high, medium and low voltage electromechanical field.
Thanks to the constant presence in the field and the technological evolution of its products, Eleron Power counts some major international institutions among its clients as Alstom, Hitachi, Enel, Terna, Siemens, Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Saudi Aramco.

Products' quality is a necessary component in the productive process, for this reason Eleron Power has a testing laboratory equipped with the best control tools.
Eleron Power stands for design, high technology and high quality that can satisfy any of its customers' requirements.

Eleron Power designs and manufactures electrical equipment for distribution, transmission and traction of electricity in low, medium and high voltage. Our products categories are: isolators, switch disconnectors, pre-manufactured equipment with metal casing for distribution, transformation and protection, containerized mobile transformation cabinets, junction boxes, switches, substations, and photovoltaic control panels.

ELERON POWER manufactures electromechanical equipments employed in the distribution of electrical energy of low, medium and high voltage up to 245 kV for public and private industrial sector :
  • outdoor isolators
  • indoor isolators
  • isolators for boards use
  • earthing switches
  • isolator for rolling stock application
  • air insulated switch disconnectors for boards use
  • air insulated switch disconnectors for wall use
  • outdoor SF6 insulated switch disconnectors for pole mounting
  • air insulated switchboards
  • M.V. junction boxes
  • M.V. disconnecting boxes

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