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eCon Engineering Kft.

eCon Engineering Kft.




eCon Engineering Kft. is a Hungarian engineering office founded in 2002 working with more than 60 engineers.
Our CAE Services branch provides a great diversity of technical calculations. We provide tailored solutions for all our customers, from meshing and model building, through cooperation with in-house CAE teams, up to providing a complete simulation background for their development process. Our expertise covers most of the major CAE fields. Our services include FEA, CFD, MBS, 1D simulations – we work with a wide range of CAE-software.

With FEM calculations we are able to carry out life time estimation, to propose cost-efficient production technology for machinery and also, to determine stress- and deformation parameters of structures from mechatronic scale to robust structures. With a complete virtual prototyping environment we are ready to calculate and optimize the dynamics of vehicles for building and testing vehicles. Our other calculation methods, including electromagnetic, fluid mechanics tests, can be utilized to model and analyze very complicated physical phenomena.

With almost 20 years’ experience in FEM and BEM and automated machine building competences as prime contractor, we offer our expertise in solving various problems in the automotive, aerospace, energy, heavy duty, bus, composite and railway industries.
We provide special purpose machines and robot cells for the automotive and electronic industry. We are able to cover a wide spectrum of assembly technologies while constantly being open for new technological innovations. Our design specialist experience will be applied to your assembly machines increasing the machine’s up-time and reliability.

Additionally, our mission is the distribution of advanced engineering simulation technologies based on the Finite Element Method by representing (in Hungary and former Yugoslavian countries) such products as ANSYS, Moldex3D and Cast-Designer.

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