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E.N. 109, Araújos, Brenha
3080-436 Figueira da Foz

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Photoluminescent safety signs for Public Transportation

Everlux are dedicated to the study and development of technologies related to the production of photoluminescent products and their applications in the safety area – i.e. photoluminescent safety signs and systems.

Everlux have a sound commitment towards quality, innovation and continuous improvement throughout the design and manufacturing processes.

The company has been in business since 1989, developing products appropriate for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Recently, the company developed the Everlux for Public Transportation product range: a specific range of Photoluminescent Safety Signs for Public Transportation, namely Long and Medium Distance, Tram, Bus and Coach.

At InnoTrans, Everlux will present this product range for Public Transportation, which includes:
  • Escape route signs
  • Emergency equipment signs
  • Fire-fighting equipment signs
  • Evacuation plans
  • Security instructions
  • Everlux LLL - photoluminescent system for evacuation routes
  • Rights and duties – signs for travelers
  • Mandatory signs
  • Prohibition signs
  • Itinerary map