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Harsha Raghavan

Ansprechpartner von Turbo Power Systems Ltd

Head of Commercial Management
4. Service für Fahrzeuge

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +44 (0)191 482 9200


Turbo Power Systems Ltd
1 Queens Park, Queensway North, Team Valley Trading Estate
NE11 0QD
Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead
Vereinigtes Königreich


Turbo Power Systems Ltd

Turbo Power Systems Ltd



Powering Intelligent Solutions

Who are we

"Customers' first choice for electrical power systems solutions"

Located in Gateshead within the North East of England, Turbo Power Systems’ (TPS) are Global Leaders in the development of multiple solutions for the Rail Industry with over 40 years’ experience.

We began in 1986 developing patented axial flux technology for high speed generators. Many years later we immersed our power electronics technology, into the Rail Industry leading to an extensive range of high performance electrical machines and power electronics. You will find our products operating worldwide in the UK, Brazil, USA, Canada, China, Europe and Asia. Our global clients include Bombardier, Chiltern Railways (Arriva - Deutsche Bahn), Alstom, Wabtec Faiveley, Eaton Aerospace, UK Power Networks, Northern Powergrid, PBTS (CRRC-Bombardier) Daikin, SCOMI, SKF and many others.

What do we offer

We specialise in the design and manufacture of rail products for Original Equipment Manufacturers, Rail Operators, Fleet Owners and System Integrators/ Overhaul Firms.

Below are products we offer:
  • Auxiliary Power Supply Units
  • Power Converters; DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-AC
  • Standalone Battery Chargers
  • Auxiliary Battery System/Raft - Charger, Batteries
  • Traction Inverters
Known for our innovative solutions, we can customise our products to your requirements. Whether you need a system that is light weight, compact, energy efficient, cost-effective or one that meets potential environmental challenges, we can offer the right solution by selecting the best technical strategy.

Our highly talented engineering team proactively works with customers at any stage of the procurement process to produce the optimal design and compliance of the product specification. The electronics, electrical and machine designers create all electronic and rotating machine products within the TPS manufacturing facility. They are also supported by a Drawing Office and software tools for Printed Circuit Design, Circuit Modelling, Machine Modelling and Reliability Calculation.

Below are aftermarket services we offer:
  • Maintenance - diagonostic health check service and advisory services/programs on product life cycle maintenance.
  • Repair - long term service & standard repair agreements and local after sales and engineering support.
  • Overhaul - expertise in replacing legacy applications.
Why choose us
  • Pioneering specialists in rail power electronics for 30 years
  • Extensive knowledge of Auxiliary Power and Battery Systems.
  • Successfully executed major rolling stock projects.
  • Highly talented staff with over 20 years experience
  • Our manufacturing facility is 55,000 ft2 with 120+ dedicated resources.
  • Won UK RIA for Traction and Rolling Stock & Cost Base Reduction.
  • Third party/turnkey support.
  • Reliable repair/upgrades.

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