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The main use of our MIT 70 hydraulic rail stressor takes place during welding procedures. This rail stressor is used for stressing, pressing or keeping two rails in neutral position, during welding procedures. With the “obstructionless configuration”, the railway vehicles can pass without get in touch with the MIT 70. In addition, with the MIT 70/2 configuration, it is possible to install two parallel rail stressor, and you can control them with one power unit/ hydraulic manual pump. Our MIT 70 rail stressor is composed by two Stirrup made by a special casting, eccentrics for anchoring it on the rail, 2 hydraulic cylinders, 2 tie rods, a kit composed by hydraulic tubes and a power unit/ hydraulic manual pump. The MIT 70/2 version is composed by two sets of MIT 70. The hydraulic cylinders have a security valve that doesn’t permit to exceed from the standard pressures. Its lightweight and compact body, mades this rail stressor unique in the market and you can use it on the most existing rails. The difference between LW and SLW is only the weight of hydraulic cylinders.
It is available a version with manual hydraulic power unit or electric power unit.


FCS srl

FCS srl



FCS srl is an Italian Company that manufactures railway equipment since 1988. In particular, we manufacture power wrenches, Vossloh and Pandrol clips machines, sleepers drilling machines, rail band saws, rail drilling machine, rail grinding machines, rail bender, rail stressors, weld-shearing machines, tampers and various type of small tools.With the occasion, it will be presented a new machine: our rail drilling machine, petrol version and battery driven version.
We have one important goal: to provide solutions and products, in order to meet customer requirements. We have ISO 9001:2015 certification and all our products meet the requirements of the CE.
We are present in many European Countries, but also in the other Continents, where we have dealers and agents with who we collaborate since a lot of time.
We will be present at Inno Trans 2018, in Hall 26, stand 112 and are looking forward to meet you! Our staff will be happy to present our machines and explain you their technical characteristics and main use, giving you a complete panoramic of our range of products.
We have also an exhaustive web site in 5 languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French and Russian), in which you can take a look at our main machines and tools and contact us for further information.

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