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Railway Technology
Railway Technology


Kampveldstraat 51
8020 Oostkamp


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +32 50826907
Fax: +32 50826974

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IGW is an industry leading provider of transmission solutions. We design and manufacture customized gears, gearboxes, couplings, shafts and housings as well as provide specialized services to a variety of the most demanding applications, with a focus on transport, energy and manufacturing industries. Our state of the art processes, highly skilled employees and passion for continuous innovation has allowed us to become the trusted partner in the realization of the toughest projects of our clients.

We have an extensive global presence, employing over 1500 people in locations in Belgium, Romania, the Czech Republic, China, India and the USA. This global capacity means we can bring production closer to the customer, resulting in shorter lead times and greater responsiveness when it comes to customer service.

No matter what your transmission challenges might be, IGW should always be the number one choice. With 65 years of experience we have the heritage, ability and drive to meet all your requirements in the highest possible quality manner to appropriate to each and every market segment. Whether you require an existing part, or you’re developing a new application, we can provide you with a customized solution that completely fits your needs.

The transport business in one of our most important segments. For this highly specialized market we provide unique, robust and efficient gear systems, with a focus on minimized maintenance and low noise emission. From heavy duty locomotive to light rail applications, from low speed city metros to very high speed trains: IGW is your engineering partner for any dirve solution.

For every customer, reliability is critical; so we provide high quality gears and gearbox systems which maximize availability and lower operating costs, supported with service teams across the world. From new, unique gear design and development and gearbox design through to manufacture, installation and servicing, we apply the most advanced processes and engineering intelligence.

To guarantee a long product life we provide a comprehensive range of services. The responsiveness and diagnostic skill of our customer service team mean customers have all the assurance they need, helping to minimize any downtime. This level of service and expertise is one of the key qualities that sets us apart from competitors.
While we are proud of our history and reputation for engineering excellence, we are always looking to break new ground. We want to partner with our customers in developing unique, innovative solutions all around the globe. This way, IGW will set the standard for many more years to come.


Charlotte Sticker

Marketing Communications
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