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INFRACERT TSI and VANAHEIM AB consortium, as unique in the Polish railway market, offers a complex scope of services of Notified Certifying Bodies (Notified Body - NoBo) for subsystems of interoperability specified in the Directive 2008/57/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 June 2008 on the interoperability of the rail system within the Community.

Our activity covers the currently applicable Technical Specifications of Interoperability and domestic regulations connected with meeting the compliance requirements. We perform the process of assessment in all phases of preparing a sub-system, namely the design, construction and final tests. We have accreditation to perform the actions of a Notified Body in the scope of carrying out the EC verification of subsystems with basic requirements concerning interoperability.

INFRACERT TSI has full accreditation to perform the process of subsystems certification: „Infrastructure”, „Energy” and „ Control-command and signalling”. INFRACERT TSI is a body registered in the European basis of Notified Bodies NANDO, under No. NB 2738. INFRACERT TSI also has the accreditation of the Polish Centre of Accreditation No. AC201 and Authorization of the President of the Office of Rail Transport.

INFRACERT TSI is also the official representative of a Notified Body VANEHEIM AB in Poland, one of the oldest ones in Europe, with many years of experience in the scope of certification of interoperability constituents and subsystems. The certifying body has the notification of the European Commission No. NB 1807 so it is entitled to evaluate and certify the following subsystems: „Infrastructure”, „Energy”, „Control-command and signalling” and „ Rolling stock”.

As a consortium of entities, we are also specialized in the scope of evaluating subsystems with Technical specifications of Interoperability, including " Persons with reduced mobility " and "Safety in railway tunnels".

As an Official Representative of the Swedish Notified Body, we also offer actions completed by VANAHEIM AB, which consist in the assessment of conformity or suitability for use interoperability constituents and other elements of a railway system. In this scope the services of certification are carried out for all constituents of interoperability, based on respective assessment modules, including among other things for: rails, sleepers, fastening systems, catenary, displays, platform ramps and lifts.

Our consortium of Bodies has a rich experience supported with the completion of many processes of certification and certification constituents of interoperability subsystems in Poland and Europe. VANAHEIM AB has already carried out almost a thousand certification processes in Europe, in which activities of assessment and certification were completed by the team of INFRACERT TSI. We cooperate with the biggest companies, in particular specialized in modernizing and constructing railway infrastructure and vehicles.
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