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From railway data survey to effective railway asset management, give yourself the means to know

imajing group is a renowned provider of solutions for transportation infrastructures management in the road and rail business. Our philosophy is to offer linear infrastructures managers a complete set of tools and support to enable global knowledge for decision-making and management actions on nationwide networks.
Composed of two experienced companies, our group brings its expertise and its teams of international experts to meet railway networks requirements by providing appropriate surveying technologies, services and management tools.
Based in France, imajing group teams are composed of experts in geo-positioning, satellite navigation, image processing, survey of massive linear networks, mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
We support our clients all along their projects from spatial data collection and survey technologies to railway data management and web-GIS tools.

Safety & signals
  • Railways automatic control systems compliance (ERTMS – Europe, CTCS – China, CBTC – US)
  • Identification and securing of dangerous areas (railroad crossings, train stations, etc.)
Infrastructure & Assets Monitoring
  • Exhaustive and structured inventory of rail assets
  • Change detection and automatic database compliance check
  • Vegetation and pruning plans management
GIS & Modelling
  • Mapping
  • Management of linear referencing system (LRS Milepost + distance)
  • Track alignment and profile
  • 3D modelling
A Mobile Mapping System (MMS) with a GIS processing software
Imajbox® and imajview® are surveying and mapping solutions for field operations and engineering teams:
  • IMAJBOX®: MMS mounted on-board any trains to easily collect 3D geo-referenced images of the railway network
  • IMAJVIEW®: GIS processing software to extract 3D data from surveys with geographical and linear positioning and attributes
Web-GIS tools
Imajnet® and ImmergisWeb® are web-solution designed for network information sharing, decision-making and monitoring:
  • IMAJNET®: web service to easily centralize and integrate immersive view into GIS applications (standalone application, plug-in, widget or SDKs)
  • IMMERGIS WEB®: collaborative Rail Asset Management System to monitor nationwide rail assets with access to immersive views
Rail projects
Complete rail network & asset surveys with analysis, including:
  • Pre-and post-rail works railways surveys
  • GIS data extraction according to project’s thematic
  • Assets inventory
  • Referencing System by track/line (LRS)
  • Deliverables adapted to clients’ needs: database, reports, recommendations, works scheduling, budgeting, etc.
  • Consulting services
From field operations to top management, imajing group gives the means to always be aware or your territories and assets evolvement.

Imajing: Mobile Mapping & GIS technologies provider
imajing is a mobile mapping manufacturer and software publisher to answer the needs of transportation infrastructures managers. Our technology is based on a revolutionary concept of mobile mapping system based on a single camera. The company has chosen to size its product in order to offer flexibility and ease-of-use to its clients. In doing so, imajing is today well-known for providing a light, compact, powerful and integrated mobile mapping tool chain that merges field reality with geographical data, for transportation infrastructures surveying, mapping and management.

Immergis: worldwide GIS professional services company
Immergis is offering GIS data acquisition and analysis services additionally to providing a dedicated web-based platform for rail infrastructures management facilitating knowledge-sharing and decision-making process for network infrastructure managers and operational teams. Immergis supports organisations with services for a complete network management: from data collection (images, 3D LiDAR survey), GIS data processing and database conception, to the analysis and assessment of the entire network
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