In-Motion Train Weighing

Produkt von Meridian Engineers Pty Ltd.

  • InnoTrans 2018
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Unit 9, 50 Howe Street
Osborne Park Western Australia 6017

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Halle 25 303
  • Railway Infrastructure Railway Infrastructure

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Train Weighbridge System
The Meridian rail weighbridge system known as ME-TrackWeigh-nBXD, consists of the trackside system and an interface computer for data processing. The ‘n’ designation denotes the number of weighing points (this ranges from 1 to 8). The Meridian Trackweigh system has proven accuracy for train speeds ranging from 0 to 80 kilometres per hour and train loads of up to 30,000 tonnes. A total system weight of less than 15kg ensures the Trackweigh system is readily exportable.

Main Benefits
The main benefits of the Meridian In-Motion Train Weighing system include:
  •  Accurate total train loading (0.25% can be achieved with favourable site conditions).
  •  Accurate wagon weighing (0.5% can be achieved with favourable site conditions).
  •  Bogie and wheels loads (accuracy varies subject to wagon coupler quality)
  •  Low installation costs (no hut required) and minimal disruption to production and trains
  •  Do not require expensive concrete stabilisation to the track approaching and leaving the rail weighbridge.

System Deliverables
The Trackweigh system consists of:
  •  ME-Boltweigh transducer modules
  •  ME-CANAMP modules
  •  Tiefenbach trackswitches (non contact type)
  •  Trackside Junction box

Main Features
  •  Utilises proven 'bolt on' load cell technology that is extremely rugged. Patented bolt on load cells that are trade approved in Australia and Europe. Able to be trade approved to Class 0.5 in Australia and Europe
  •  Dual direction weighing
  •  Can be installed on a curved track
  •  Stable calibration (can last for years without adjustment)
  •  Low power consumption
  •  Remote installation (can be set up as wireless solar powered system)
  •  Digital system for excellent immunity to industrial EMC disturbances
  •  Rugged design suitable for -20 to 80 deg C applications
  •  Low maintenance and easy replaceable load cells
  •  Various reports are available from the weighing system, which can be sent immediately to any location via the internet.
  •  Integration with other systems via networks and the internet can be provided.
  •  Software is tailored to suit individual client requirements, and can be upgraded remotely.
  •  In house developed hardware and software tested at many Australian mines.

Meridian is an Australian company that has designed and built all the key components to the Trackweigh system - we have all the necessary expertise in house. We have extensive industrial experience in both coal and iron-ore applications.

Design is already proven (low speed applications) in over 30 installations in Australia, NZ and the UK.