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11060 Belgrade

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ICT force behind your success...

The Institute Mihailo Pupin (IMP) is a leading Serbian R&D institution in information and communication technologies, and the largest and the oldest in the whole South Eastern Europe. Ever since it was founded in 1946, IMP has been engaged in numerous research projects in a very broad spectrum of scientific fields.

Projects of significant national importance have been realized in the Institute, combining system engineering and information technology to develop innovative solutions in the area of automation and control, traffic management, telecommunications, railway, computer systems, digital signal processing, information systems, software engineering, etc. Adhering to modern trends in global technologies, IMP applies, develops, implements and produces the most complex systems based on the multidisciplinary approach.

Nowadays about 430 employees are engaged in realization of various projects, whereat more than half of them are research and development engineers with university degree, master and PhDs acquired at the technical universities in Serbia and abroad.

The railway program of the Mihailo Pupin Institute makes a very significant part of the Institute portfolio. We are commited to offering top-quality products and solutions and excellent services. The product range meets the railway requirements to improve safety and security and to minimize implementation and maintenence costs at the same time. We are strongly dedicated to meet our clients demands. The Institute is highly experienced in integration, installation and maintenance of the signaling-safety and telecommunication equipment designed to meet the needs of different railways and other large systems. We have all necessary licenses for signaling-safety and telecommunication works, such as P151E3, P150E3, P141E4, etc. We successfully solve interfaces between different producers and equipments.

We provide TURNKEY SOLUTION in the railway area including the following:
  • Strong relation to client
    (Ministry, DoR, SRI, 100% state owned company, system requirements clarification etc. )
  • Support in homologation of products and sites
    (excellent knowledge about Serbian railway norms, Rule books, interfaces to relay interlocking, etc.
  • System integration, installation, maintenance
    SS+TT system integration on several projects already done: Pančevo station with Alstom EIXLSML400 and SpDrS64 JZ interlockings, Resnik and Rakovica stations with SpDrS64 JZ interlockings etc.
  • Products
    Own product portfolio fully inline with Serbian norms and compatible with both relay and electronic environment

The main railway products are:
  • Universal Train-wheel Detector – UTD
  • Train Axle Counter – BROS
  • Universal LED module – LL-000
  • Main, Shunting, Limit Track LED signals
  • Railway LED indicator signals
  • Railway safety HMI – MMI10
  • Signal Control Device – m2SCD
  • Voice recording system – ATIS VC-MDx