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Jets Rail SIA is the railway sales branch of the Norwegian Jets Group. In close cooperation with the Norwegian head office, we offer highly robust vacuum toilet solutions. The advantages of our system include complete independence from compressed air. More than 30 years of continuous development, and extensive experience from a wide range of operating conditions, are incorporated into every one of our products.

With proprietary vacuum technology developed and manufactured in Norway, our systems are unique in their simplicity. A considerable step up on the ladder from the more traditional compact vacuum toilets usually found in trains, our tough and reliable vacuum toilets will profit your business.

The Jets™ vacuum toilet system is arguably the best solution available, and offers the most cost effective technology for trains where compressed air is either not available, or lacks sufficient capacity to install traditional vacuum toilets from other manufacturers.

In short, we offer you and your passengers a carefree journey with a level of reliability previously unheard of. More specifically, the inherent features and system design flexibility of Jets™ products will completely change the way you think about railway vacuum toilets. Premade modules or customized solutions are available, backed up by more than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing vacuum sanitary systems of all types and sizes.
The heart of our vacuum system is the unique Vacuumarator™ pump, invented by Jets™ 30 years ago. This pump allows vacuum toilets to operate without compressed air of any kind, requiring nothing more than a supply of electrical power to keep the toilets working. Tried and tested during extremes of use, in adverse operating conditions, and across a range of industries through three decades, more than 60,000 Vacuumarator™ pumps are currently in operation world-wide.
All toilets and pumps supplied by Jets™ feature a minimum number of components, which translates into fewer failures. Each and every toilet is tested and approved before delivery, in our state-of-the-art assembly facilities from where 30,000 toilets are shipped out every year. The vacuum pumps are manufactured in Norway using a highly robotized production process with very tight tolerances, by a vendor that is co-owned by Jets™, to ensure their flawless performance throughout the lifetime of the toilet system.
With truly global representation coupled with a successful history of serving customers on every continent, you can rest assured that original parts are readily available worldwide from our handpicked network of local representatives, and from strategically located central hubs.
We are the preferred supplier for cruise and offshore ships, passenger and naval vessels, craft boats, yachts and pleasure boats. Every second ship built with a vacuum system world-wide, chooses Jets™. Our vacuum toilet systems have also proven their worth in a wealth of land-based applications including trains, buses, portable restrooms, buildings and more, with great success.
The Jets™ system for railway is certified in accordance to the following standards: EN 45545-1, EN 45545-2, EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2, EN 50125-1, EN 60529, EN 61373, UIC 563 and TSI LOC & PAS. To ensure unsurpassed quality and environmental compliance, we also have ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification. These and other certifications help inspire and promote continuous improvement at Jets™.