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Japan Overseas Railway System Association (JORSA)

1. Establishment and Objectives
The Japan Overseas Railway System Association (JORSA) was established in 1953 as a special authorized corporation under the Export and Import Transaction Law of Japan and with the approval of Japan Minister of International Trade and Industry. JORSA is an umbrella organization of 36 Japanese leading trading companies and manufacturers of rolling stock and parts. JORSA shall carry out its business to come together for mutual interests of members with the aim of encouraging sound development of trade transaction of rolling stock.

2. Business Activities
Railways have competed and cooperated with other means of transportation including automobiles, aircraft and ships, as an important part of the social infrastructure. There has been growing demand for railway transport systems due to their superior economic efficiency, as well as demand for their ability to reduce environmental impact, protect the environment, and promote energy-saving efforts, on a global scale.

Particularly, Japan has developed superior technologies in the area of inter-city high-speed railways and urban railways, and put those to practical use. JORSA assists in spreading such railway technologies in Japan to overseas countries and thereby facilitates social development in many countries. JORSA also strives to help support and contribute to environmental improvements, and settle related problems-in those countries.

(1) Overseas public relations
Publication of Japanese Railway Information, an English magazine aimed at introducing Japanese rolling stock and railway systems to entities overseas. Issuing comprehensive catalogs and other booklets concerning the high-speed rail “Shinkansen” and urban transport systems Production of publicity videos for overseas countries Hosting of overseas seminars on railway technologies Participation in railway-related exhibitions held outside Japan

(2) International exchange
Reception of railway inspection groups from overseas Reception of railway trainees from overseas

(3) Collection of information and materials and their provision to JORSA members
Publication of the JORSA bulletin for JORSA members Collection and provision of overseas railway pertinent information and materials Compilation and publication of statistics of rolling stock and other related products Response to inquiries from Japan and abroad concerning railway-related information

(4) Trade insurance system
Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI) offers trade and investment insurance services. When JORSA members export rolling stock and railway materials, JORSA applies NEXI for insurances on behalf of members and concludes insurance policies in accordance with special agreements with NEXI.