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Railway Technology
Railway Technology


850 Perimeter Rd
Manchester, NH, 03103
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +1 603 6572111
Fax: +1 603 6695962

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Making Sense Out of Motion...

Jewell Instruments is a world leader in the manufacture of high precision tilt and motion sensors. These sensors are used for rail maintenance of way, rail automated train controls, rail test and measurement, tunnel construction and monitoring and more. Our experienced engineering team works with customers to produce high quality, reliable products that meet or exceed all customer requirements. Depth of applications experience, product knowledge and engineering expertise are what make us the solution of choice.

Many of our inclinometers and accelerometers are CENELEC/AREMA certified for the high demands of rail transportation applications. Our most recent certified sensor is the JMA-165 MEMS accelerometer, the first rail certified sensor with MEMS technology in the industry. It also features an optional built-in heater for reduced thermal drift.

Our force-balanced (servo) inclinometers are extremely sensitive, rugged transducers designed to provide horizontal angle or vertical deviation measurements with virtually infinite resolution. Every inclinometer responds to changes of slope as small as 1 microradian with a high-level DC output signal proportional to the sine of the angle of tilt from as little as ±1° full range to ±90° full range. 

Our force-balanced (servo) precision accelerometers are fully self-contained. They connect to a DC power source and a readout or control device for a complete operating system. The output is a high-level DC signal proportional to acceleration and tilt angle sine from as little as ±0.25g to ±20g full range. Jewell precision accelerometers respond to change in velocity as small as 1µg. Hysteresis less than 0.0005% of full range output and vibration rectification less than 50µG/G2 are available.

Tunnel monitoring requires a rugged and highly sensitive sensor and our electrolytic tiltmeters can do the job. All tiltmeters include full signal conditioning electronics that produce stable output signals over a wide range of input voltages. This important feature means you can be confident that your measurements represent actual movement, not power supply variations. The high-level voltage, current and serial outputs provided by our electronics are reliably delivered over long cables and wireless data links.


Brian Ward

Vice President of Sales and Marketing
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