Jilin LuYiKaiWei Railway Vehicle Technology Development Co., Ltd.


No. 1027, Dongfang square, Zhongyi International B, Economic and Technological Development Zone
Jilin, 130031

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Halle 11.2 103
  • Railway Technology Railway Technology

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Company Introduction

Jilin LuYiKaiWei Railway Vehicle Technology Development Co., Ltd, founded in 2017, is committed to China's railcar non-metal materials, China's standardized traction camp trailer development, design, production, Rv camp construction, sale and service high-tech enterprise.

The manufacturing center of Jilin LuYiKaiWei Railway Vehicle Technology Development Co., Ltd is located in Changchun, known as the cradle of China's railcar, close to China Changchun Railway Bus Co. Ltd. The manufacturing center has became a qualified supplier of CRRC Changke Co.,Ltd and CRRC Tangke Co.,Ltd, and all products have passed the quality certification of authoritative testing institutions at home and abroad. Recently, manufacturing center has provided all kinds of supporting products for 350KM/250KM/160KM China's standardized high-speed emu, China's standardized traction camp trailer of CRRC Changke co.,Ltd and CRRC Tangke Co.,Ltd.

Product presentation

Nonmetallic composite materials and nonferrous metals used in China's standardized high-speed emu products
  • carbon fiber, fibrous glass reinforcements
  • honeycomb
  • multiply-plywood
  • high pressure laminate
  • aluminium honeycomb
  • industrial stainless steel decorative accessories
The above six categories of basic materials derivative vehicle system products
  • double layer partition, spine partition, horizontal partition;
  • flat top plating, side top palting, inside end sheathing;
  • equipment locker, luggage locker, garbage box, distribution cabinet locker;
  • tabletop, dining car cabinet, dining car locker, dining car garbage box.
China's standardized traction camp trailer

Unique material: Adopt advanced materials in the world, environmental protection, durable in use, fire retardant, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, UV-resistance and so on, will be available 20 years.
Unique structure: Design and production digitization, packaging and transportation integration, Module Installers, low cost.
Unique function: Set security, functionality, practicality, comfort, aesthetics in one.

Rv camp construction

Emerging tourism model, replacing traditional hotels, close to the natural environment and drive the surrounding economy;
Planning, design and construction, docking site construction, hydro-power system construction, service system construction, management system construction.

Core competence

The manufacturing center has 20 years of industry experience, mature sales channels , the best implementation team, industry data processing software, drawing design technology;
DIN6701 certification, High speed rail qualification certification.
Our company produces products with light weight, environmental protection, structural strength, wide range of adaptation, colourful and so on.
We have our own brand of camping trailers, master the core technology of rv production, perfect camp construction culture operation system, and the construction of the rv camp is receiving strong support from the state.

International partners

Our HPL are all purchased in foreign famous brands, such as America FORMICA, America Wilsonart and German adhesive,such as German Hans Chemical co. LTD, German Hanko adhesive co. LTD and so on.

Product mechanical properties laboratory

To ensure the safety of product quality,all products need to be tested before use,such as:
strength of extension, shock strength, roller stripping, thickness, bending modulus, flame retardation, harmful matter content and so on.